In the end, the plan didn't quite pan out the way we expected. Finals still took place. Sanity, who'd been counting on our scheme working, hadn't studied. She pretty much bombed everything. Liberty had some sort of photographic memory, so she, of course, aced it all. I fell somewhere in between. Every moment we spent in school made the four of us (Sanity, Liberty, Pete, and myself) feel like hardened criminals. Eventually they pinned the entire thing on Pete (they caught him bragging about it to the Student Council president -- he never was one for keeping things to himself). They never had real proof (and he never forked over Carl), but he went along with the punishment anyway. I think he felt he deserved it for spilling to the freaking Student Council president. Or maybe he was trying to impress Sanity. Like a true friend, though, he didn't rat the rest of us out. He ended up suspended for a month and a half which meant he had to take summer school to get caught up with everything he missed.

Strangely, the school board didn't seem too upset with the whole fiasco. I think mostly it pissed them off because they had to fork over some of the money they had been saving to fix up the faculty lounges to pay for a new statue (this one was some honorary thing with two guys shaking hands...no one really knew what it was supposed to stand for). No one really liked the replacement. I mean, it's no fun to name people. Besides, what could you call two guys shaking hands that's the least big ironic or amusing? Hernando and Frankfurter? Psh, yeah, right. Plus, you couldn't sit on their backs and pretend you were riding them. Believe me. Sanity tried it. They just wobbled and nearly tipped over. I'm sure the school board would have really loved us if we shattered the brand new Karl replacement. Then they would have had to use the secret stash of money everyone knew the school board president had embezzled from the drama department.

As for Carl, I have no idea where he is. I'm pretty sure he's still hidden somewhere in Pete's house. Though, where could you inconspicuously stash a three-foot-tall statue of a lion? I thought about asking, but Pete (in addition to being suspended) was grounded from the day the principal called home until the end of the summer. So, he couldn't talk on the phone or go online or pretty much do anything. He was banished to a completely Amish existence...only...with electricity and indoor plumbing. Now that I thought about it, Pete probably followed our advice and somehow shoved Carl in his closet under all his gross, nasty, unwashed clothes. Ick.

Sanity, Liberty and I still saw each other constantly. But since the night that we kidnapped Carl, we hadn't done anything remotely dangerous or exciting. My friends saw it as being in a rut. I saw it as the calm before the storm. I mean, with the three of us (four once Pete was ungrounded), something else was bound to happen. In the meantime, we'd just have to sit around and wait. Our time was yet to come.

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