The town was strange to Xaria. She stood still at the entrance gate, causing Verena to give her a odd look. Xaria took note of the buildings, all were made out of stone, each with no noticeable flaw. The road was made completely of bricks, with three colors, red, black, and white. The smell that lingered in the air made her stomach turn. The smell of manure, rotten fruit, burning wood, and fresh bread.

Xaria noticed that Verena had continued walking on. Xaria followed and examined the people that were visible to her. Most were wearing robes, similar to those that Verena was wearing, only with different designs, colors and patterns. Others were wearing armor with jewels in crested into the metal.

" A sorcerer is given their first set of robes with their first mastery in magic," Verena told Xaria as they walked side by side, " One does not necessarily have to wear them. But they need to keep a visible sign on them to make it clear that those around them know that you are able to manipulate energy."

" Yeah," Xaria glanced at Verena for a second.

" Yeah, there are four ways to identify yourself as a sorcerer or magician. There is robes, mostly seen worn by sorcerers. Then there is braids-"

" Braids?"

" Yeah, like when you braid your hair. One braid per mastery. Then there is gems and tattoos."

" Why are so many people out this time of night?"

" There are a lot of rituals and spells that best work at night."

" So are you like immortal, because you are a sorceress?"

" Nope," Verena said and was about to drop it at that. Then she noticed the interested gleam in Xaria's eyes, " I age slower and can make potions to rejuvenate my youth. I can die of mortal wounds, if I am not conscious to heal them. Poison and Curses are other main weaknesses of many sorcerers. "

" but you came from earth…"

" Yes," Verena said slowly," But when I was here for an extended amount of time, I changed."

" Changed," Xaria asked confused.

" The energies and the atmosphere here will literally take a human and change them to something else. "

" So I am changing," Xaria said with a panicked tone rising in her lips.

" Yes," Verena said calmly.

" I don't want to change," Xaria said slowly almost horrified.

" Well there is no escaping that fact," Verena said as she stopped walking and turned to Xaria, " And we cant return ."

" What? Why?"

" The portal between worlds, which Zeth has access can only be opened once a day, with earths time."

" So, then tomorrow we will wish to go home."

" Sweetheart," Verena said with a agitated tone to her voice," One day on earth, is one hundred years here."

" Are you telling me we are stuck here for a hundred years," Xaria said her tone dull.

" Yep," Verena said with a shrug, " You have it easier with me here. When I was first brought here I only knew what Zeth told me about the world and what I learned first hand."

" That doesn't help much, I don't want to be here a hundred years!"

" Well neither did I, but someone had to wish us here," Verena snapped at Xaria with an angry look in her eyes.

" Calm down you two," Zeth said cheerfully as he walked out of an alley way," At least you get to spend your time with me." Xaria shifted, after he had made the comment he unsettled her with a long stare before looking towards Verena.

" I'm jumping for joy," Xaria said as she rolled her eyes.

Verena grinned and nodded toward the inn, " we should get a room and get some sleep."

" Sounds like a plan to me," Xaria said as she suddenly felt the exhaustion catch up with her. The three turned and made their way towards the inn. Neither of the two women noticed the figure standing in the shadows. The red eyes that watched from the darkness.

When the three were in the building the figure stepped out and stared at the entrance of the inn. Glancing around the figure pulled the hood of its cloak lower on its face and moved slowly toward the inn


It was later in the night Verena had fallen asleep first. Zeth was floating in the air and seemed to be in a sort of trance state. So Xaria had decided to lay down. It normally took her about a hour to fall asleep. After all her mind liked to skim over things that had been said, new information. Plus finding out that she was stuck on this planet for a hundred years did not help much.

Man what did I do to deserve this?

Zeth had been quiet while Xaria was lying there, and eventually even laid down his self.. She was nervous to fall asleep fearing what evil thing he was plotting to do while she slept. She did not need to be waking up without any eyebrows. Or have this elf invade her dreams. Verena had warned Xaria of Zeth's abilities and he had many.

Xaria was about to be lost to the world, until she heard Zeth's bed squeak. She heard his feet softly moving over the floor board. She then felt her bed move to his weight as he sat down. She concentrated on keeping her breathing steady. Which was becoming hard with a guy she didn't trust, leaning over her. She felt his breath on her cheek while made her twitch. There was a sudden jerk of movement as he moved off her bed.

What the hell was he doing?

Xaria heard Zeth sigh and mutter something under his breath, that sounded nothing like English. She heard his footsteps moving from one side of the room to the other. Then silence followed the pacing, which lasted for about a minute. Then there was another string of words that she didn't understand. The door opened and shut, which caused Xaria to sit up. Zeth had left.

Where is that asshole going?

Slipping out of the bed, Xaria slowly moved to the door and cracked it open. She noticed that Zeth had turned down a hallway. Slipping from the room she moved quickly and quietly down the hall. Though she did have to stop halfway down the hallway because one of the old boards under the rug creaked. She frowned down at her feet and continued toward the stair case at the end of the hall. She turned to go down the steps and yelped when a figure emerged just as she turned the corner.

" Why are you following me Xaria," Zeth said in a dry tone and he continued toward her. She unconsciously took a couple steps back. Each time he moved closer she took a couple of steps backward, until her back rested up against the wall.

" I wasn't," Xaria said defensively which caused Zeth to lift on eyebrow with suspicion in his eyes.

" So what are you doing then," Zeth asked bored.

" Seeing where you were going," Xaria replied.

" Following me," Zeth said accusingly as he took another step forward, and put his hands on the wall on either side of her," I didn't realize if I left, you would miss me so much."

" Don't Flatter yourself," Xaria said as she examined the bracelet on his right arm. There was three beads, two were blue, and one was black. Then she lifted her eyes to his.

" Then why were you curious," Zeth said his eyes staring into hers, with an intensity she was weary about. Xaria also couldn't answer his question. She felt suffocated, but also excited, which disturbed her. She pushed his arm away and walked away from him and back into the bedroom. She laid back in bed, and found herself wondering how long it would take him to return to the room.

What is wrong with me? I know what it is…if he dies I cant go home. That's why it bothers me. That's why.

Xaria smiled content with her own answer and let herself fall asleep. What she didn't realize was as soon as she had, Zeth returned to the room. He kneeled down in front of her, his expression firm and concentrated. He looked quickly over at Verena who shifted in her sleep. Then slowly he returned his gaze back to the women in front of him.

" You don't know how pleasing it will be when you both bound to this world. Verena is merely a incomplete task, something I sought to do and failed. But you," His voice lowered to almost a growl, " are not just a game. You will become mine, no matter what it takes." He slowly and gently ran his fingers over her cheek and smiled as he continued to speak, " You will slip up. Though first, I need to get this complication of her messing up your wishes. Not hard, no where in the rules did it say that a person could not receive two sets of wishes as long as they are not by the same elf."

With a evil smile he rested the palm of his hand on her forehead. He let his eyes drift shut in concentration.


Xaria was sitting in her room back on earth. Listening to music playing out of the radio. Zeth appearing and smiled when she jumped. She grinned and said," What's up"

" Nothing but the ceiling," Zeth said watching her.

" Ha ha funny guy," Xaria said sarcastically and sat down on the bed next to him.

Zeth wrapped his arm around her shoulder, which caused her to looked at him oddly. He grinned, which caused Xaria to shrug his arm off and say, " get bent."

" You didn't say please," Zeth said while faking a pout.

" You are so annoying," Xaria said as she looked at him.

" So you say," Zeth said bored," Other girls however would be drooling at my feet."

" Like who," Xaria said laughing, which only caused a grin to slowly spread over his face.

" Does it matter," he said as he leaned forward. When Xaria turned to reply he kissed her firmly on the mouth. She responded before she could think. He was warm, and well a good kisser. She then jumped away from the kiss, a moment after it started.

" I wish you wouldn't do that," Xaria said even though it sounded like she didn't mean it. She stood and took a step forward, turned back around to be left alone once more.


Zeth opened his eyes and stared down at Xaria for a moment and then stood and looked at Verena. He had no attraction to the woman anymore, they were more like siblings then anything else. Though at one time they had been something more. Then slowly his smile widened, maybe if Verena was in a deep enough sleep he would be able to make those old feelings resurface in the dream.

He slowly ran his tongue along his teeth before he moved to Verena's bed. He stood there for a few moments examining every feature of her face. Her raw beauty was what attracted him to her in the first place. He wanted her, she tricked him out of owning her. She was free, but soon she would belong to his brother, all he had to do was make her wish for one thing, while having Trory present. Then two more would be lingering. Then the remaining wishes would be Trory's to manipulate , after all that man needed cheering up. It would settle two of his problems.

Hang with a crowd become one with the crowd. After all sweet Verena, if you would have never spoken to Xaria then you would not be dangerously close to becoming part of my game, or well soon to be Trory's.

Then as if Trory had been reading Zeth's thoughts, a cloaked figure entered the room silently. Zeth only noticed his arrival, when Trory was three feet behind him. Trory watched Zeth, then gave a nod of his head which caused Zeth to sit beside Verena and slid his palm onto her forehead, and closed his eyes once more.


Verena was in the apprenticeship of Konkay, an elder male sorcerer who was not fond of women in his company. He was a rough teacher and would not tolerate mistakes. Verena was remembering practicing her balance, which was done by her having to stand on one foot, on a post sticking out of the ground., while she balanced to buckets of water on a wooden pole. Zeth walked up and around her slowly. Verena looked horrified at the sight of him.

" Hello beautiful. "

" Leave me alone, Zeth."

" Come now, no worries, just stupid balance," Zeth said as he plucked a thorn of a near by sticker bush and moved towards Verena.

" Zeth leave. If Konkay sees you."

" The old fart could croak for all I care," Zeth said bitterly then pressed the thorn in to her leg.

" That hurts stop it," Verena said as her body began to shake.

" huh, I cant hear you…what?" Zeth said as he twisted the thorn. He then watched as Verena lost her balance causing her to hit the ground. He walked forward and kneeled down to be level with her face. Verena looked at him with boiling anger. Zeth smirked and grabbed her by the shoulder and kissed her roughly. Verena jerked back and punched Zeth in the nose.

" I wish you would piss off, you pervert," Verena screamed. Zeth got up and smiled wickedly as his eyes glowed.

" Your wish has been granted." The voice was not Zeth's.

Verena looked at his confused and worried. She watched as he disappeared with a breeze. Konkay came screaming about how pathetic she was. Her dream continued with out her even realizing what had happened.


Trory's eyes glowed in the darkness as a flash filled the room, then Trory removed his hand from Zeth's shoulder. Trory then nodded to Zeth once more then left the room. He moved down the stairs, to wait for Zeth.

Zeth opened his eyes and got up. He tilted his head to the side with a smile. Two problems fixed. Verena would be furious when she woke up, so would Xaria. He didn't care, because once she belonged to him, all would be right.

Zeth then turned and walked out of the door. He walking proudly down the hallway and turned the corner, and walked down the steps. As he moved down the staircase he looked down a bracelet on his arm, two of the three blue beads were now black.

" About time, did it work?"

" Of course Trory," Zeth said as he moved to a table on the bottom floor. Trory was sitting leaned over the table with a glass of liquor in front of him. His red eyes held no hatred, but only a deep sorrow. Zeth sat across from Trory, and lifted an eyebrow at the other mans state. Trory looking like he had not slept in a week, his hair was knotted, and there were bags under his eyes.

" I let her get away," Trory said after a moment of silence.

" Don't tell me its about her again," Zeth said disgusted and leaned back into his chair, "

"Even though you are my brother I really want to kill you sometimes."

" Give up she used your wishes and used them against you," Zeth said with a shrug, " It's your fault for falling in love with that tramp."

" You sound like Crimson," Trory said with a wry grin.

" Eh she rubs off on you, when you are around her."

" So tell me, was is harder or easier then you thought it would be," Trory said as he leaned forward, obviously interested in Zeth's next answer.

" Easy, far to easy."

" Well, that is interesting. I thought for sure Verena would have been more cautious."

" People are at their lowest defense when they are asleep, and now you have a new puppet so you can forget about the last snake" Zeth said grinning, while Trory stayed silent. Zeth's thoughts then moved to Xaria, "But I wonder, how I should get her to mess up, and make her next wish."

" Be patient," Trory said in a bored tone, the conversation was starting to bore him, " let them lower their guard and then they will slip up."


When Xaria awoke she could hear screaming, it was Verena screaming at Zeth. Zeth was laughing, in a almost mocking way, which caused Xaria to put the pillow over her face and groan. If this noise, was what she had to put up with for the next hundred years, she would go crazy. Xaria sighed when the screaming continued, now that she was awake, she was curious. She sat up and noticed that the screaming was taking place on the balcony.

What are those two trying to do, give a show?

The voices were muffled, which made Xaria move towards the doors and opened them with a yank. She watched as Verena and Zeth's face looked shocked for a second. Before returning to normal, then Verena looked like she was about to start screaming again.

" Would you two at least keep this fight of yours private," Xaria snapped irritated," You do have an audience. Which is sad seeming the sun isn't up."

Zeth glanced amused at all the angry faces, including a familiar red eyed brother of his. Zeth took notice that there was about a dozen people watching, some of which were standing in the street below. Others were looking and hanging out their windows. Zeth then moved his gaze back to Trory who looked torn between being angry or amused.

Trory was as tall as Zeth, a trait they both had inherited from their father. Trory had midnight black hair, and deeply tanned skin. Trory shook his head, he was a more relaxed version of Zeth. They were fraternal twins, though Trory resembled their mother, while Zeth took after their father. Trory then turned and walked back into his room, and closed his balcony doors.

Verena glared at Zeth then moved into the room, brushing past Xaria as she moved. Zeth turned and leaned against the railing. Xaria shrugged and moved into the room towards Verena who was now sitting on her bed. Xaria sat next to her, only to receive a glare in return.


Zeth walked through the room and out the door. Zeth moved down to the tavern, and noticed that most of the residents from the inn were already up. He smirked, finding it amusing, to see Crimson sitting at one of the tables. Trory was there as well, looking rather ill at ease.

" Crimson, may I ask what your unexpected arrival is for," Zeth said as he sat down next to Trory.

" Well, cant a person come and see her two older brothers," Crimson said sweetly, her crimson eyes looking innocent, and her red hair swayed as she moved. A small mischievous smile lingered on her lips, which caused Trory and Zeth to looked at each other worried.

" What did you do," Trory asked accusingly.

" Nothing," Crimson said as she leaned back in her chair irritated. She watched her brothers, chewing on her bottom lip. How easy, was it going to be for her to tell them such delicate information?

" Alright," Trory said, his voice portraying the fact he did not believe her. Zeth staying quiet and listened to his brother sigh. Zeth met eyes with Crimson and could see that she was hiding something. She was showing all the signs of nervousness.

" Besides wanting to visit, why are you here," Zeth broke the sudden silence, his tone demanding an answer.

" I need you two for some assistance."

" Assistance, " Zeth said knowing that it was going to be a bad day. The last time she needed assistance , they three had to hide in the outlands for three years, until they gathered enough money to pay back a very angry man who caught her in some act. Crimson never bothered to tell her brothers any more than that.

" Fine I have pissed a couple of people off, and I need body guards."

" What makes you think we would be willing to do it?"

" You would let them harm me," Crimson said her eyes filling with fake tears. Her voice sounding betrayed," Your own little sister.."

" It's tempting," Zeth snapped, irritated that this inconvenience would stray his thoughts from his goal. He could not lose, he refused to allow that to be an option. Glaring at his younger sibling, Zeth turned his gaze to the wooden table in front of him. Suddenly fascinated with the designs of the wood.

" Of course we will protect you," Trory said, his calm voice relaxed Zeth's temper.

" You're my favorite brother Trory," Crimson said as she hugged her older brother.

Zeth turned his gaze toward the steps as he noticed a familiar form move down the steps. Xaria fascinated him, she had the geek-rebel look going. She would seem like a goody-goody to those who don't know who she really was. Zeth has watched her for a couple of weeks. She was a loner, who did not need the company of others. He admired that, he after all wanted someone who would adjust easily.

Then Zeth's thoughts turned to a darker pattern. He remember when a female had tricked him into making three wishes. Then she had brought him to this world, to be her slave. The choice was the granters to decide if the receiver was to be a spouse or slave.

He snapped one night, after she had whipped him till he laid out on the ground, not moving. Then to spite him, she informed him of the foul deed she had done. She had pulled his siblings into the world as well. It was that very night, where she met her end.

The three changed. Trory was able to speak telepathically, grant wishes, as well as healing. Crimson learned how to cast illusions, controlling elements, and grant wishes.. While Zeth was able to invade dreams, control elements, heal, grant wishes. The three all taking on the forms of Elves.

When someone was brought to this world, and spent a great length of time, they would change, and mutate in a way, to fit the environment. Depending on their Genetic code, depended on what race they would change into. Humans normally changed into Elves, or Sorcerers, but there were exceptions where a person changed to a horrid form. However there are potions and spells to help control how a person changes.

Xaria moved toward the table, her eyes burning with anger, her mouth dry. She had one man in sight, one insufferable, arrogant, manipulating jerk. She stood in front of him, and he simply looked up with an innocent smile.

" You tricked me into making a wish!"

" That's my job love, hate the game, "Zeth said standing, then he whispered in her ear, "and not me," With that Zeth moved toward the exit. Xaria was not in the mood to be ignored she followed him, prepared to battle. Trory stood and watched the two exit the inn, his eyes lifted to the stairs. He had two more wishes to complete.

I might as well have some fun, he thought as he slowly began to climb the steps, to go and introduce himself to Verena. His shoulder length black hair flowed behind him as he moved, his eyes held a dark hint, Trory was in a mischievous mood, and had the perfect mouse in mind to play with.