"Who knows?" A man in a black suit asked demandingly from the end of a long table.

"A girl named Kyla Green." Another replied in a tight voice.

"Where does she live?" The first man asked quietly as he began slowly pacing the length of the poorly lit room.

"North of here, in Winterford." The second man replied in a tone that revealed a speck of anxiety.

"Age?" The first man asked coolly and collectively as he continued to pace.

"Seventeen." The second man replied with a bit more anxiety.

"Seventeen?" The first man repeated softly, as if talking to himself. "This makes the situation terribly volatile. It could go either way. She could do what we want, or tell someone." He paused for a moment, and his pacing ceased. "Ideas, gentlemen?"

"Well sir, we could blackmail her. You know, dig up some dirt." Someone said timidly from the middle of the table.

"Funny you say dig up some dirt." A husky voice said with a trace of humor.

"What are you saying Bradley?" The first man asked as he turned to look at him.

"I'm saying that if we play our cards right we could scare her into silence." Bradley replied, looking straight at the first man.

"Think you can do it?" The first man asked coolly.

"Of course.""Alright then Bradley, get a team of men together and take care of it. You've got two weeks."

"Hey Kyla," a blonde girl said as she slumped against the dingy, olive-colored lockers, "Which homeroom?"

"Um… Herndon's. You in there too?" Kyla asked as she extracted books from her been-better locker.

"Yep. I'll walk with you." The blonde replied as she began to fix her hair.

" 'Kay. Hey Becky, did you hear the rumor-"

"That he went half- deaf over summer?" Becky interrupted with a hint of a smile.

"I was going to say that he's retiring early." Kyla replied, as she began to walk down the hall.

"I heard that one too. Personally, I hope it's true. He's so old he makes my Grandpa look like a stud." Becky said as she rolled her eyes.

"I hope we get some one younger." Kyla said wishfully.

"It's impossible to get anyone older." Becky retorted with a short laugh.

"Good point." Kyla laughed, then turned into a classroom. It was an ordinary classroom, full of students. The only peculiarity was that there was no teacher.

As the two girls sat down near the back of the classroom Kyla couldn't help but look out the window. The view consisted only of a Dumpster and some ancient, unused parking spots but it still sent cold chills up Kyla's spine. She forced herself to focus on what Becky was saying.

"- so then he said that I was a narcissistic prima donna and that I needed a dose of reality and humility. Do you think I'm like that?"

"No, not at all," Kyla assured her, still flustered and plagued by what she had seen.

"Thanks," Becky smiled, then her smile fell as she looked out the window. "Hey, is that where…" She let the words drop, uneasy and unsure of what to say.

"Yeah. They think that's where it happened." Kyla replied as she felt a wave of desolation and hollowness wash over her already-pale skin.

"Oh." Becky said lamely as she wished she hadn't said anything. An uneasy silence fell over the two in spite of the din around them. Luckily, someone walked in the doors who took attention away from everything else.

"Hello class. As I'm sure you're all already heard professor Herndon made the decision to retire a short while ago. Since there aren't any other teachers to fill in on such short notice I'm here as a substitute. My name is Mr. Ortin." Steven Ortin had a husky voice but was obviously very young. He made no attempt to cover that and was wearing baggy Kakuei cargos and a long sleeved T-shirt with pushed-up sleeves he looked like he had just gone to the mall with a group of teenage boys. His messy, sand-colored hair added to that appearance. If someone bumped into him on the street they would have assumed he was in high school, not someone qualified to teach it. Obviously naïve to the way his appearance sold him as a student and not a teacher, he went on talking. "I assume you're all in the right classroom. If not, get out." He said with a joking manner. "Okay then. I don't know any of you're names yet and I'm duly sorry if I mispronounce anything but I have to take attendance."

As he went down the list he was clearly unaware that he was appealing to every girl in the classroom. Every girl but one.

"May I go to the bathroom?" Kyla said suddenly and impulsively.

"Of course Miss…?" Mr. Ortin answered.

"Green. Kyla Green," She responded as she made her way to the front of the sun-lit room. She was out the door in a matter of seconds and found the sound of the shutting door gave her a strange sense of relief, like she was surfacing a pond after being under the water for a long time. She leaned against the wall next to the door so a moment and took a deep breathe, then took off for the girl's bathroom.

The moment she entered the bathroom the uneasiness she had felt in the classroom sank back in. The bathroom was empty, cold and an annoying hum was emanating from the air conditioner. It struck her as eerie. She didn't have to use the bathroom anyway; she had just used that as an excuse to leave.

Having nothing else to do, Kyla swept her auburn bangs out of her face and began to re-apply her eyeliner.

"You know what you did to me." A sharp voice filled the air loudly. The air conditioner's hum abruptly stopped. She knew that voice. She knew it well. "You shouldn't have gotten away with it."

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