How it is possible, I'd like to learn,
When I have always felt that in my heart to yearn
For something just above, outside, beyond my pow'r,
To pace my room alone at the bewitching hour,
When every muscle aches to fly towards the sun,
Even to crash upon her as Dedalus' son,
When the bittersweet allure of unrequited passion
Has touched my lips in her indifferent fashion,
How can I meet the end? How may I claim the prize?
Will bleeding hearts forever choose she who denies?
-----Now, still! my soul,
What can be said of you?
You bid me bid my lonesome days adieu,
-----And how
I weep to see my hopeless love returned.
The kiss that's granted me, though which I have not earned,
Brings sorrow like a peaceful evening prayer;
-----But should I have the strength to turn away, my love,
I would not dare.