The Last Anjl

A New Companion

After a lifetime of torture and rape, Yinai was used to being awoken by a slap across the face. He fell to the cold marble floor without a sound, his cheek throbbing. Slowly, he sat up, wrapping his slender arms and thick tail around himself in a frightened manner. Even if it had been a lifetime, the idea of what his captor might do to him next never ceased to scare him.

However, his captor was not the one who had awoken him. Instead it had been one of the servant men, and now he was outside the cage, struggling with something. Yinai watched with his intense rainbow eyes, wondering what kind of new creature his captor had acquired. He was shocked when the servant opened the door to his cage and shoved a frail body inside. A frail body with pale blue skin and a long thick tail that ended with wisps of silver hair…

Another anjl stared back at him with wide, terrified eyes. He looked over his shoulder to see the servant man ascending up the flight of spiral stairs.

don't be afraid… Yinai told him. The anjl gasped and backed against the cold iron bars, startled at hearing the unique mindtalk known only by his own kind.

who…who's there? he demanded in a shaky mindvoice. His was only slightly deeper than Yinai's, but still small and delicate.

Yinai stood and slowly walked from the shadows, revealing his pale lavender skin and flowing golden hair. Upon seeing the other small and delicate man, the new anjl slid to the ground, wrapping his arms and tail around himself. Yinai felt sorry for the poor man…he had most likely been captured from his home and brought here against his will. He knelt beside him and placed a slender hand on his shoulder for comfort.

what is your name? he asked softly.

The other anjl looked up at him with terrified rainbow eyes and pushed Yinai's hand off his shoulder.

Inei, was all he said as he averted his gaze to the hard marble floor.

Inei… Yinai repeated slowly, offering a small smile. I am Yinai. Don't be afraid of me, I promise not to hurt you. Do you know why you were brought here?

Inei shook his head, his beautiful eyes welling with silvery tears. I only remember falling asleep in the forest…but when I woke up, my hands and feet were bound and there was a gag in my mouth. I was in a moving cage… He was interrupted by a soft sob.

Yinai watched Inei with pity, not daring to touch him but longing to give the other man his comfort.

if it makes you feel any better, I was bred in this place. I've never left this cage Yinai immediately regretted say it. How could that possibly make him feel any better?

Inei's eyes widened and he looked up frantically.

I…I've been brought here for breeding purposes!?

well maybe not… Yinai searched for something to say. But Inei just held his head in his hands and screamed through his mind.

NO! I won't do it, I'll die first! He stood swiftly and grasped the cold iron bars of their cage, pulling with all his strength as his tail thrashed around viciously. Yinai backed into his dark, shadowed corner and hugged his knees.

Inei…please stop…He might punish both of us… Yinai's mindvoice trembled. Inei stopped and glanced over his shoulder. Silver tears once again stained his beautiful face.

p-punish? But I thought we were only here to—

I'm not as young as I used to be…and He doesn't like that. He liked me more when I fought back. But I just don't care anymore. That's why you were brought here…He wants a new plaything, a younger one…a fresh one. And we are to 'make' Him one.Yinai turned away, ashamed. He had never felt dirtier in his entire, tortured life.

Inei slid down the bars. Yinai was a pleasure slave? And…they were to "make" another? Who ever had captured him was a sick bastard. He cautiously crawled over to the smaller anjl, careful not to frighten him.

even if we do…it wouldn't matter.

Yinai sniffled and wiped away his golden tears. He looked at Inei with sad eyes.

what do you mean?

Inei looked down at the marble floor once again.

I…I am the last of our kind. At least I thought I was…That's why I was so scared when I saw you; I thought I had gone insane. So even if we were to become mates, after the child dies… he trailed off and curled up on the floor, wrapping his arms and tail around himself.

Yinai stared at him. The last…? So the anjls were no more. Or at least, they would be in a short amount of time. But then, wouldn't it be their duty to repopulate the species? No. He clenched his fists. That's most likely what He wanted them to think. Or did He even know that Inei was the last? Yinai yawned in spite of his thoughts and looked down at Inei. The silver-haired anjl's side rose and fell with a steady rhythm; he had fallen asleep.

Sleep…that sounded nice. Yinai yawned again and curled up into a tiny ball with his back against Inei's and the hair of his tail covering his face. Perhaps with Inei there, He wouldn't hurt him anymore…it was a nice thought, and the one that Yinai drifted off to.