Aztec Sacrifice

So here I am,

Kneeling before you, waiting to be killed;

My heart, a sacrifice to the gods.

I am your lover,

And yet you are raising the knife to slice open my chest.

Why would you kill the only one you love.

You say it is you duty,

But I know you do not believe in the gods above.

There is water dripping down your face,

Are you crying for me,

Or is it just the sweat from the afternoon sun.

I am your sacrifice to a god you do not believe in

What will you do when I am dead at your feet

Killed by the knife in you hand.

Will you go crazy and scream

Break down and sob over my body,

Or will you just tumble it down the stone steps and not look back.

How can you sacrifice the one you love to a god you do not believe in.