A little slice of heaven

A little slice of Heaven

cut by the sword of Hell;

This is how it all began, the day the angel fell.

God has given everyone our own unigue story

That has been written upon a tilted halo

for each of us to tell.

Men have traveled the world, and examined the stars;

explored other planets without ever searching

within them selves for whom they really are.

One man sits beside himself at the end of a lonely pier,

Quietly Staring into the darkened waters made up of one lonesome tear.

Not far off in the distance, in a tower,

a single candle glows;

Where an angel still weeps for the one emotion he has never known.

Oblivious to this discovery that has kept him saddened and forlorn;

He sends mirrored crystals inside of sea shells,

in hopes the tide will carry them to shore;

But every time the waves roll back the vainess that he bore.

From the pier this man stands astonished, for he can not believe his eyes;

Red flashes of light from across the sea guides

a gallant phoenix through an onyx sky.

Whispers of promises can be heard blowing through the breeze;

While lullaby voices of invisable sirens croon

to whoever will answer, "Come and follow me."

Like a ghost in the night,

a ferry boat makes Its way through the tranquil waters;

Desperate believers wait patiently by the docks

as if it were an alter.

And in the palm of each hand rests a pebble

covered in foil;

For they no not they have been tricked by the merchant

stained with soil.

Lined in rows of seven,

they stand in configuration,

longing to behold just a glimpse of the one they call the Savior.

But in their blind trust,

they forgot to look twice

for the coin to be placed under the corpses tongue

will never get one into heaven.

It is not the mightyness of man

nor his properties that make him the wiser.

It could very well be the man who wears his heart on his sleeve,

the one they call the miser.

Look beyond the gold and glitter or the one they call "The Mister."

For he may be the lonliest one;

Just a weary drifter.

It is the man that finds beauty in love and the magic in life

that makes him the richer;

It is but the man that is often overlooked;

Whom truly is the victor.

Dedicated to my brother