note:if you haven't read The Limit should read before continuing this sequel.

Splintered. The hunter finds no peace. I am not the prey. They are not the predator. Yet the chase is on. Who is who? I am one many. Many are one. Are me. Would such and unstable thing prove weak? But that is what the hunter hunts. What it wants to kill. Until then they will not rest. Will not find their peace. I am not the prey. They are not the predator. Splintered.

The moon is feeling generous, as it floods light over everything. Wind swishes by the trees, encouraging them to give it a voice. I turn from the window, trying to be as quiet as I can, catching bits and pieces Liana's story. I said I'd be there in a few minutes, but the truth is, I just wanted a few quiet moments to myself…just to think. About life's twist and turns, the moon's illuminating leak and the bouquet of roses in the middle of the table, bursting with flavorful hues. Breathing deep, I take in their fragrance…A strong yet sweet earthy smell; but not like the perfume women bath in and go on about. It doesn't smell like perfume, like most would say…it smells like something...


Like there's so much more to it than just a flower. The sigh of fresh dew in the morning mixed with something sweet, but flavorful and bitter with the essence of the earth. Then something that delights the senses, so that you can only relate it to a rose. I reach out to just tap one of the creamy pink roses, trying to be tender with it, when something seizes my shoulders and yanks me around. I am caught by something I can barely see, wearing an all-black suit. I scream, my stomach jumping as something clicks.


" …and then…a shadow flickered , just slow enough for her eye to catch, and was gone, even when the girl turned around. All became silent as a grave…" Liana's voice got soft and eerie as she mentioned the grave, making the group of us hold our breath for what came next. Of course I wasn't scared. I've been through a whole lot more than this kiddie ride. The others let the suspense freeze them on the spot, helpless to do anything but wait in the dark room with the glow of the candle light.

"Then a scream broke out!" Liana threw her arms foreword as she hissed loudly, to give life to the scream, but it was unnecessary, because there was indeed a scream.

A shriek so loud, so blood curdling, that the candle light wavered, the glasses tinkled, and every single one of us shivered along with the several of us that screamed ourselves. Surprisingly, even Liana screamed.

"You dopey girl! You scared yourself!" one of the guys voice laughed, we all began to laugh and talk at the same time, an ocean of our voices colliding. Liana spoke over it though.

"N-no…that wasn't me…I swear…" she said in a fear strangled voice.

"Ah, come on Lia, don't pull that shit on us. And even if you didn't plan it, it was probably Ferris." That voice belongs to Lance. I now that block head's voice anywhere.

"No man, I'm right here, and I think you would have known if I had screamed." I say, smiling at my secret knowledge.


"Well…what is it then?" a male voice says, but is cut off when another scream lets loose and gyrates into laughter.

"Oh my gosh… there is! And it's going insane!" one of the girl's voices- I think it may be Heather- says in a nervous twitch of a voice. Some scoff at this, some whisper nervously. I roll my eyes and heave myself up to a stand.

"You're going to confront it?" a person says, who I can't quite identify.

"You guys…it's Jean." I say, once I hear her giggling.

"Oh. Is someone killing her?" someone asks, turning on the light.

"No…" I lean towards the wall and yell "Jean! Get your butt in here! You're scaring everyone with your insane shrieking."

"Jean…are you okay?" Nica says tapping the wall.

Jean burst through the door way and then swings around slamming it shut. A creepy laughter brims on the other side of the door, and then fades away.

Again, there's only silence, aside from Jean's out[-of-breath pant.

"So what did I miss?"

"What's going on in there?" Liana prodded, curious as to what made her scream.

Jean opens her mouth to answer, but Lance is way ahead of her.

"The guy that owns this house…yeah. Really creepy. We barely ever see him; accept for maybe a leg out the door, or something. He probably did something weird to scare Jean while she was in the kitchen."

Jean just flops her head up and down in agreement.

Everyone just gapes at the calmness of Lance at the mention of a 'creepy guy' right in the house that we're sitting in.

Hmm. Never a dull moment, is there?

So silent in the moonlight. Such intense concentration. Can you smell the blood on my hands? No, I suppose you can't. You're so sweet and innocent, all you can sense, taste hear and feel is captured by these delicate roses that share your innocent look.

If roses could bleed, I would probably pluck each petal one by one to watch the tears of blood drip free. If roses had hearts, I would devour them, just to know that their beauty would never leave me. Your skin is as soft as those very pedals and bleeds so readily. Oh, how I still want to take you apart and watch the blood trickle and burst into beautiful scenes. Take the hot flesh of your heart, so real! And feel it become a permanent part of me.

But I could not bear even one day of not being able to bask in the elegance of your silken splendor, so fragile and fine. The light, jittery notes of your voice. If rose pedals had blood to pulse strong and warm inside them, that would be your touch. How your heart nervously twitches into each throb of a beat. I couldn't bear it to stop.

So many voices; choices. Wants. I am one person, yet…


Yes! The moment you've all been waiting for! The sequel to The limit! Don't worry, I won't leave you totally in the dark; all those who've read The Limit know the story will answer all questions in due time. And only those who've read the previous story know who the 'creepy man' is…XD.

I know I'm horrible, leaving the first chapter riddled with holes, but don't worry, I'll resolve it the next chapter.