I try to curl up in a quiet place in my mind. I remember this guy…he was there when I was drugged and kidnapped. I think this is even worse than being shot. Worse than anything. It's only been five minutes. It feels like an eternity. His grunting, and sweating and laughing…

I just want to go home. I want to be safe. I don't want to feel this way anymore.

"That's no fair! You can't retreat! That's cheating!" he starts to slap me again and I whimper so he'll stop. Please. Come save me.

"So, this is what son him over, huh? Too bad I'm not a woman. Then we could get somewhere!" Stupid pig. Stupid fucking asshole. I try to imagine cruel ways that he could die. Slow, unending torture.

It feels like he's polluting me. Thud, thud, thud. It's so frustrating. I want to cry, but my pride won't let me.

A car door slamming hard startles both of us it seems, because he stops thrusting in me a moment.

"Ah, the knight arrives." He says.


No, no, no!

Not Cadi! I don't want him to see me like this!

I feel the burning tears start to roll down my cheeks, and I can't help but sob in humiliation.

"M-Mick? How could you…do something like this?" Another voice in the background sounds just as shocked and broken as I feel.

"Fucking hell no. I'll kill you!" Ferris is here too. I want to die.

"Drive away. Don't come back until I call you." His voice sounds like lead. I can't even look at him.

I can't.

"So. You really can get mad, eh? So tell me; what's so special about this little tramp? What makes here better than me?" He finally pulls out of me, making me feel limp and hollow. I quickly close my legs and hold my knees. I keep my eye shut tight and try to stop crying.

"Who do you think you are?" Cadi sounds so angry…I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

"How does it feel to be trumped again, my friend? Think you can play me down now? I will hunt you down to the ends of the earth my dear!"

"You again!" Cadi roars. I try to fade them all out. I'm so tired.

Please let this be some twisted nightmare that I can wake up from.

I feel so angry, I almost can't breathe. How could I let this happen! I should have just kept searching…I should have found her! How is that guy here anyway! It must be some fucked up experiment gone wrong. Damn it to hell!

"Now that I have your full attention, I would just like to say that I'm more like you than you think. Think about it. We could own this country. Do whatever we want. What do you say to that? Forget this stupid girl. She's worthless, when you can have any girl that you want!" I've had it with this bastard.

"Damn it! Kill him Cadi! Kill him! Look at what he did to her, Damn it!" Ferris is screaming and I hold a hand up to stop her.

"Tell me how you're talking through him." Got to think. What is making him live so long? I was so sure he was dead.

"Isn't that a little intimate? I mean for one who didn't even care about me a moment ago? I know you want to kill me. So do it. I'll never die!" he starts laughing hysterically. I walk over to him and punch him hard, making him hit the ground with a clunk of flesh on pave.

It's not enough.

"I don't care what you say. I'm going to kill you now in the most painful way I know how."

He laughs again, spaying blood all over his shirt. "You go ahead. Let's get this party ready for the finale. Oh, you're just dying to know how I'm still alive right?" I punch him again, hoping to break his jaw and make him quiet. No luck.

"Y-you can't kill me…my mind is a-" I begin working the flesh of his stomach open, feeling muscles splitting between my fingers. I get a ounce of satisfaction as he convulses in pain.

" a…parasite…I…" I takes a good while before I get through the stringy flesh of muscle skin and organs to finally get to the intestine. I overlook it for now and start taking out the blood slimy organs one, by one. Dawn gasps and hyperventilates in the background but Ferris is quiet.

"God, your cruel!...you…really know how-h-how to make it-" I actually get a howl of pain out of him, blood streaming from his mouth and nose. "hurt…will you…do..this to Jean…cause I'll be…there next…"

I freeze.

What the hell is he talking about?

"That's…right!" his voice sound like a gargle, I feel my eyes open wide.

"I infected her…I'll…be…your…sweet Jean…"

No. God no.

"You're lying." My voice betrays me by cracking. I hear Ferris begin crying. I can't deal with this…

"No…you know…I'm not…" He starts a weak chuckle wet with blood. I can't deal with this.

My hands start moving on their own. I slowly take the long intestine since I don't have much time left; he'll be dead soon. It resists a bit, but eventually I pull out a decent enough length. I wrap the warm organ around his scrawny neck and pull. Pull all the pain, anger, frustration and pull and pull and pull-

He stops choking and is still. Then I pull harder and the length of intestine rips apart, but he is dead.

I can't deal with this.

I pull my gory fists to my face and roar and scream. Damn it. When I can't scream anymore, I go over to Jean and stand over her curled up body handcuffed to the bench. Sinking to my knees, I bury my head into her shoulder. She's so still.

I can't breathe.


Stupid men! I don't know what is wrong with him! All the sudden he just blinks at me and starts shouting demands. I tried to contact the director's office to send Mick backup, but this kind of stuff has to stop! I always thought that Todd was the dumb one! I mean I was trying to see what was in the contents of the pockets of Hooks pockets, but then Micks just starts demanding that I give him the syringes. I think Hook might have stolen some from the lab.

The policy is if you don't know what it is, don't use it- but I figured it was probably those specialized tranquilizers I gave Todd that he didn't label, the dumbass. They had Milanty make them specifically for Cadi to slow his reflexes and make him miscalculate his moves so we could disable him. In the end I gave them all to Mick; the ones in Hooks pocket and the ones I had. I figure if he's hot headed enough to run out like that, he'll probably use them all trying to take that beast down.

So here I sit in the car, waiting for him to call me so I can grill his ass. He is so going to get taken off duty; for a while if I have anything to say about it.

When I wake up, I feel like everyone's talking in slow motion. I feel warmth around me. It smells like Cadi. Ferris is crying.

"Cadi?" the sound is labor like my voice is made of molasses.

"Don't talk. Just shut up." Cadi's shaking. He sounds so angry. Why is this happening. My wrists are in the cuffs, but the chain is broken. I look around. Ferris's face is red and puffy and there is a scared looking girl beside her.

"I will kill you." Cadi says frankly, his grip bruising my arms. "I will…why her? Why?"

"Cadi…you're hurting me…"I whisper. Does he hate me? Does he think I'm disgusting? I can't blame him.

"I said shut the fuck up you goddamn bastard!" Cadi hisses, shaking me.

"Please! Cadi don't! I know its just him wearing her face, but I can't take it when she looks like that!" its Ferris.

"Ferris…" I cry. I wish I was little, when things like this didn't happen. I feel Cadi shaking me harder and harder.

"Cadi! Wait! WAIT! As far as I know, that guy doesn't know my name! I think its Jean!"

All the sudden Cadi's eyes are in my face. "Jean!"

Wait…he wasn't mad at me? I take a shaky breathe.

"You're not mad? I'm sorry, I tried to fight as hard as I could…" I hot tear begin to trail down my cheeks again. "I feel so disgusting…you probably don't want me…"

"NO! You're mine you hear! I could never ever live without you. I could never stop wanting you!" Cadi start kissing me all over my face and neck…ears; everything! It feels like being kissed clean…

"You! Oh my god! I was so scared I would never see you again!" Ferris squeezes in between me and Cadi and starts kissing my cheeks and forehead.

"I feel like everything…is moving so slowly." I say gazing into Cadi's eyes. Cadi begins to look worried.

"I killed the man who hurt you…but he said he infected you with something. Something that allows him to take over your mind. I don't know if...or when it's going to take effect."

I blink at him slowly and give him a weak smile. "Well, we'll deal with that when the times comes. But for now, I'm just happy to be close to you again."

I hear another round of tires screeching. More people?

"Hurry and get in the car! There are people coming!" Its Mefalla! I feel myself being lifted and carried. Everyone's talking around me.

"How much more trouble are we in? How many more crazy criminals are out there!" a voice I don't know wails.

"Quiet Dawn. Just stick with us and you'll be okay." Mefalla says nonchalantly.

In return the girl named Dawn sputters. "Y-y-you call strangling a man with his own intestines OKAY!"

"He deserved it." Ferris says coldly. Is that what happen to that bastard?

There are times when I'm disturbed by that level of violence from Cadi.

In this case, I'm not. I got just what I wished for; and I hope he suffered tremendously.

"Hol-lee shit." Todd says looking at Micks mutilated body. I can't believe the carnage of this whole situation. I believe that this situation needs to be handled in a different manner. I take off my glasses and turn from the body.

"This situation has escalated out of control. I think that your team has handled it far enough. You're sloppy, unorganized and if the government gets involved, our corporation and its affiliates will be destroyed. I'm shutting your branch down and liquidating the assets." Several men look at me in disbelieve.

"Cut off the arm to save the body. Anyone who tries to defy that will be 'taken care of' I think I've had quite enough of funding the monstrosities that come from your labs. I will deal with our subject." It was a risky thing to fund them in the first place, but things were getting downright horrific now. It's one thing to make money; it's a whole other issue to be targeted by a superhuman killer. That is one thing I personally would like to avoid. I'd rather keep my life than risk it on the possibility of an income raise. I'd also like to keep the underworld dealings of the company underground.

Time for the shield of diplomacy.

Another short chapter. Tired.