These torturing thoughts are

Tearing me apart

From the inside out

Starting to surface



And you notice

Oh, you notice

Sorry, but your help doesn't help

Nothing helps

Guilt building up

Curiosity mounting

Where will I be?

I need answers

That would help

But you can't give me those

Will I still be here?

Far, far away?


With endless possibilities

It's fucking impossible to tell

Where the hell am I gonna be?

Goddammit, what the hell kind of test is this?

Heh, let's dangle everything I know and love on a string

See if it snaps

Wouldn't that be fun?

Maybe He'll just cut it

Send it all plummeting to hell

Wouldn't that be exciting?



Absolutely horrifying?

What the hell is He thinking?

Give me a fucking answer now!

I need it!
The one thing I need

You can't give me

No one can

Except for Him

And He' sure as hell hasn't been a very peppy cheerleader

Or maybe He's cheering for the other team. . .