Waiting on a Reason

How can you possibly exist

When so much goes wrong?

We're losing so much

We can't keep it up for much longer

And you dare sit back and watch

Chop your puppet's strings

Let 'em plummet

Who cares?

You're up there in that lovely kingdom of yours

You know

The one I rarely questioned

It's mere existence appeared to be just another fact

Imbedded into my heart by you

You who is so kind to some

And so incredibly cruel to others

Well, you know what?

I've had it with your sadistic humor!

Maybe what all the psycho religious extremes say

Has truth

Maybe I just didn't want to believe it

Because I didn't want to reserve part of my sould

For that which I despise


You just can not be as they say

Yet you much

How else would this whole ordeal be explained?

I don't want to believe in such a shallow god

If it's all true

If you don't express interest and care in my life

Why should I bother with you?

Tell me

Give me one, good reason

I'll be waiting