Chapter I: Matsudai

In the Crystal Mall, after school, four students, still clad in their school uniforms sat in the food court discussing their theories on the mysterious Matsudai Boarding School, in the middle of their city."No," One girl who appeared to be about 15 with black hair that brushed her shoulder blades, called out, "I heard Matsudai was haunted!" her violet eyes sparkled with enthusiasm, she had always been intrigued by the mysterious school, and this was one of her many theories on why no students were able to take an exam to get in, but students still attended.
"That doesn't explain why the smartest girl in the whole city was rejected an entrance exam!" A boy who looked about the same age as the first, with neatly combed, short blonde hair said, his ice blue eyes clearly showing annoyance.
"I think it's part of a government organization gathering youths to pilot giant robots against a threat to mankind!" Another girl with short unruly red hair, and vibrant green eyes exclaimed, pointing a pink manicured finger into the air to emphasize her point.
"C'mon, Mei!" A boy with coal black eyes, and hair that would be identical, if it weren't for the white streak in the front, called out, laughing slightly at his over excited friend, "You've been watching too much anime!" He chuckled.
Mei put her hand back down and picked up a French fry, which she dipped into the blonde boy's chocolate milkshake, and looked at the dark haired boy, "Well, it's not like Hera's idea was much better!" she said in defense.
Hera rolled her eyes and pointed an accusing finger at Mei, "At least mine wasn't as far fetched!" she said, her face was frowning, but her eyes were laughing.

At another table, a girl who looked to be about the same age as the other four students, with long raven hair that reached her thighs, sat back, crossing one leg over the other, and chuckled, "Tori-kun," she said, her chocolate brown orbs flicking to a boy with brown hair and dark green eyes, who was smirking arrogantly, "Can you hear them?" she asked, as she a sip of her strawberry smoothie and smirked similar to the brown haired boy.
The brown haired boy, Tori, rolled his eyes at the raven haired girl, "Well, they're talking so loud, how could I not?" he asked.
A girl who looked to be about 11 or 12 with brown hair that reached her shoulders, and blue grey eyes defended the gossiping school students, "Well, it's only right for them to wonder," she said adjusting her yellow headband.
"Yeah," The raven haired girl said, then rolled her eyes, "but their theories are so darn funny!" she cried, chuckling.
Tori rolled his eyes, though he agreed with the raven haired girl, he had to stick up for the younger one, "Minako-baka," he accused, though his expression sounded serious, the first girl could tell he wasn't completely, "You're mean to the humans!"
"I am not!" Minako, retorted, her chocolate orbs showing a touch of annoyance.
The younger girl noticed this and warned, "Minako-baka, if you start a fight with Tori-kun outside Matsudai, I will kill you." She knew as well as Tori, that if you got on Minako's bad side, even barely, she wouldn't hesitate to set you a blaze, or beat you to a bloody pulp, depending on her mood.
"You're violent for such a little kid, Mirra-chan" Minako pointed out, crossing her arms, and looking away.
"You'd better watch out Minako-baka" Tori warned, "Mirra-chan may be small, but Kasai could kick your butt!" He exclaimed, his voice hinted at amusement.
Minako rolled her eyes, knowing full well, that Tori was right. That damn thing just refused to die! What made it worse, was that the stupid thing could use her weakness against her. Damn Kasai, that stupid evil pink manifestation of--
Her thoughts were interrupted by Mirra, "C'mon, let's get Ami-sempai, Nari-sempai, and Rei-sempai and go." She suggested, it was getting dark, and doubtless they would be in serious trouble if they returned to the school after nightfall.
Minako was offended by the honorfics Mirra used for her friends, "So their 'Upperclassmen', and I'm 'Idiot'?" She asked.
Mirra giggled and nodded as the three stood up to look for their friends. Tori lightly punched Minako in the arm, and she returned the gesture just a little harder, causing Tori to protest. Mirra turned to the two and growled, warning the two of their waiting doom if either one started an actual fight, for she knew that if there was a fight, there would be no surviving mortals. Mortals weren't trained to dodge Minako or Tori's blasts, and the other two knew it as well.
Back at the first table, Hera glanced at her watch and screamed, causing all the people nearby, including the three Matsudai students to look at her, "IT'S SIX O'CLOCK!" she shrieked, and glared at her friends, "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME IT WAS SIX? YOU KNOW MY MOM IS GOING TO KILL ME!" Mei and the blonde boy looked at each other, and the dark haired boy glanced after the running girl. Minako doubled over in laugher, humans were so funny sometimes!
Hera arrived home ten minutes later, only to see her mother standing in the doorway, scowling, and looking worried. Her mother must have been crying at one point, because there were black smudges under her eyes from where he mascara had run. She didn't look like she was going to start crying again any time soon, though. The woman was scowling, an almost murderous look in her eyes. She began lecturing her on how she had given Hera one simple rule, be home by 6, and Hera had disobeyed. Hera hated this about her mother, she really didn't ask much of Hera, but when Hera went against what her mother said, even if it were by accident, her mother would go crazy. Hera said nothing throughout the entire lecture, if she had tried to explain herself, her mother would have only yelled more. When she was finished she told Hera that dinner would be ready in 20 minutes. Hera nodded, and went to her room, she had things to think about, and her mother wasn't one of them.
In the old stone building of Matsudai Boarding School, Minako sneaked down the halls. A brown haired girl with aqua blue eyes, who was a little shorter than Minako was about to speak, but Minako silenced her, "Shhhhhh" she warned, "If Jukado-sensei-"
Minako didn't get to finish, because the girl with blonde hair and blue eyes who was walking next to the brunette called out, "Ne, MINAKO-BAKA!"
Minako yelped and glared at the girl, "Ami-chan," she accused, "You're trying to-" she looked down the hall to see a tall woman walk down the hall toward them, "Shit!" she called out and took off running down the hallway, opposite from the direction the woman came.
The brown haired girl looked at Ami, and sighed, "Why do you torture her?" she asked.
Ami shrugged, "Why do you drench her, Rei-chan?" She asked snickering.
Another blonde with green eyes appeared, "Everyone picks on Minako-baka."
Tori corrected her, "Not everyone, just her friends." He reminded them, and the five (Mirra's still there) nodded.
"Where did Minako-baka go?" the tall woman asked. She wore a pair of square framed glasses, and had unnaturally blue eyes. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a tight bun, and though she was very young, she appeared very old because of it. The green eyed girl pointed in the direction Minako had run off in, and Tori hit her on the side of the head, "Nari-san" he scolded, as Nari chuckled.
"Damn her!" Minako fumed, stomping down a hallway, she was furious at Ami right now, that girl knew full well that if Jukado-sensei heard Minako's name, there was a detention in store for her, "When I get my hands on her, I swear, I'll..."
She trailed off as she caught sight of the one person she did not want to see right now, the one and only Jukado-sensei. "Oh, there you are, Minako-baka." She said coldly, "detention." she added.
"For what?" Minako questioned. Did it really matter why she was getting the detention? Jukado-sensei would look for any excuse to give the raven haired girl detention, and God it made her mad!
"Running in the halls." Jukado replied, smirking coldly at the girl, and handing her a pink piece of paper.
Minako glared at the woman, and crumpled the paper up. She looked as if she was on fire, no wait! She was on fire, and it didn't seem to phase her in the least.
At a Shinto shrine, not too far away, a brown haired girl with forest green eyes, dressed in traditional miko(priestess) clothing looked out to the Matsudai Boarding School, concentrating hard. A girl with blonde hair that was much shorter in the front, then abruptly longer in the back jumped down from the roof of the shrine. She was dressed in all grey, and she looked at the miko with unnatural orange eyes, "So they really are here." she said to herself, the miko humming in acknowledgement, "Hana-chan," the grey clad girl asked, "You okay?"
The miko, Hana, looked at the other, much taller girl, "Tirist," she said, looking the girl in the eyes, "I sense an evil approaching the Matsudai School, and it's nothing small." she said, looking worried.
Tirist looked at the school, and smirked, "So it's begun..." she said to herself.
In another part of the city, in a small room lit only by a silver orb, giving off a little light. A man with long white hair smirked, the glow of the orb giving his face an eerie appearance. He said, more to the orb than to himself, "I've found you, Tsukiakari Senshi, soon your journey will begin."
There are some things that are confusing, I'm sure, it will make more sense as it progresses.