A Bitter Christmas:

I'm sitting in the kitchen, amidst the hustle and bustle of my mum, The Cook.

There she stands, beside the stove, apron on, bearing the words "World's Best Cook". My brother and I had bought it for her last year. Now, she wears it with pride, with her daggy shorts underneath and an equally daggy top screaming "World's Best Mum". We got her that for Mother's Day last year.

The annual Christmas Eve dinner is underway but I just can't get into the Christmas cheer. Call me Scrooge or whatever, but with everything, Christmas has seemed to lose it's meaning for me.

I wish that things didn't have to be like this. I can remember looking forward to waking up on Christmas morning.

Last Christmas, I can still remember waking up at the crack of dawn, like an over-excited five-year-old. I had run downstairs, my brother right behind me, to the tree. He had handed me his present first, an awkwardly wrapped bulk of a thing. I had felt it, trying to guess what it was. Nothing had come to mind, so I ripped open the wrapping only to find yet another layer of wrapping paper. I had ripped off all the layers until I had come to the last one. I had torn it off and there lying in my palm had been a ceramic pinecone. One look at it and it set me off. Blubbering, I had hugged him tightly, whispering a small "Thank you" in his ear.

Then the next thing I knew, he was gone. Vanished.

It just wasn't fair. Half way through this year and he was gone. Bang, bang, KABOOM.

Gone. Nothing left but a note, saying that he was going out to play ball with some of his friends. The last thing that we'd ever have of him.

He was hit by a car. Hit and run. If the guy had stopped...

Now every day feels exactly the same.

So does today.

And so will tomorrow.

It's just another day that reminds me of what I've lost.

It's just another day to remind me that he'll never come back.

Just thought I'd say that this is purely fiction. I'm working my upwards from short stories like this to big chapters and such for my big and upcoming works. Cough.


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