by Elektra

> > > > >

I look into the mirror and

There is nothing there.

Not my life,

Broken into pieces.

Not my world,

Crying beyond relief.

Nothing exists here.

Nothing but black and red;


> > > > > >

I look through the mirror

To the other side.

This is where you live.

I see you there,

So beautiful and happy.

I touch the mirror

As if it were some

Magic portal

That could transport me

Into your world of life.

> > > > > >

But the mirror holds strong.

No matter how I push or strive.

So I watch you there, so far away,

Smiling on the other side of the mirror.

You taunt me, tell me this world

Could be mine too, one day.

But you lie, and I know it.

Because I will never be good enough

To fit on that side of the mirror.

> > > > > > > >

And I wonder if you see me,

Crying my red tears on the

Other side of the mirror; alone.

I wonder why you thought

I could make it there with you

If you could see me.

Because then you would've known

I'll never be like you.

So the mirror separates us,

And I drown in the red on my side.