I sit there reading by the streetlight

I hold in my hand a letter of excuse

For with a twisted mind this he writes

He wont let me have a say, or choose

I am even unsure if this is right

I fall into the trap of his abuse


"We must wait" He says

"til the perfect day"

"Let me escape" I pray


Those sick words he wrote

Never struck a chord

'This is what love is' I thought

The pain I just ignored

Inside I was distraught

To him my hate towards


I was only an innocent child

Inside myself but undiscovered

Mischievous and wild

I ponder the questions unanswered

What happened can ever be reconciled

As I think of what you did, I am re-captured


I'm bigger, stronger, better now

My wounds are all stitched

There's only so much I will allow

I dare you, flick my switch