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Tis The Seasons

Ah Christmas. Such a word brings warmth to the soul and hot chocolate to your mouth. With the tiny marshmellows and whipped cream and...I'm getting off track. Snow is falling everywhere and carolers were singing...carols of course. Christmas trees were brought out and decorated with lights and all the usual decorations. I think you know what they are.

"Silent night....holy night...all is calm...all is bright...."

What is that sound? That is the voice of Destiny who is singing for some odd reason since she most definitely isn't a caroler, braving the harsh winds and snow. Not. There are no harsh winds or harsh snow here in San Francisco but let's pretend there is. Or we can pretend we're in Japan! -smiles brightly-

Destiny was in her house, drinking hot chocolate while sitting on the sofa of her apartment's living room. Yes. She lived alone since her parents are on a business trip(coughsvacationcoughs) off to New York City(coughsPariscoughs) to exchange an alliance with another major company(coughsofftoseetheEffielTowercoughs). So she's all alone but she would be all alone anyway since her parents had bought her an apartment so she can learn to raise herself. Aren't they good parents? Can you blame me if I got this part from DNAngel? I mean the raising on your own part as Satoshi did?

Anyway....the main points are...1)Destiny is at her apartment alone because she's alone. 2)She's drinking hot chocolate alone because's she was alone. 3)She's bored because she's alone. 4) She's alone because there was no one else there. Enough said. Everything she does leads back to her being alone. Isn't that sad? Makes you wanna cry? Well...you won't have to.

So while Destiny was sipping her hot chocolate slowly since she was alone and there were no one there to tell her to hurry up or to steal the hot chocolate, the phone rang, interrupting her hot chocolate drinking moment. Oh the irony! Destiny glared at the phone. How dare it ruin her hot chocolate moment! Well anyway, Destiny set her hot chocolate down on the table and picked up the phone like any good person would do. Even if they were fighting or irritated or busy doing something at the moment.

"Hello?" she greeted, still rather annoyed that someone had interrupted her. She placed her cup of hot chocolate on her lips and began sipping very very slowly.

"Destiny?" a female voice said.

"Ikeda-san? What is it?" Destiny asked. She recognized the voice of the mother of her friend, Kouyuu Ikeda.

"Can you taking care of Mizu-chan and Yuri-chan while I go on vacation?" the other woman asked.

Destiny blinked. Mizuki and Yurie? THE Mizuki and Yurie!? She better be kidding her! They don't listen to anyone but Kouyuu! They were a handful!!! Doesn't Ikeda-san know that!?!? She cleared her throat, not exactly trusting it right now. "Why can't Kouyuu-chan do this?"

"Well she's here only still...asleep. I'm sure you understand." Destiny chuckled. Of course she did. Kouyuu doesn't exactly wake up this early on winter vacation. It was 10:15 am by the way.

"Sure. When do you want me to start?"

"Can you do it right now? I'm late."


"Thanks Destiny! You're a life saver!!" and there was a click as Kouyuu's mother hung up. Destiny hung up as well and sighed. Guess she has to drink her hot chocolate while going to the Ikeda mansion. Yes. You heard right. Mansion. The Ikedas were the owners of the biggest fashion company ever.

So anyway, Destiny changed out of her pajamas and into a white turtleneck sweater, blue jeans, and a black jacket. She wrapped a red scarf around her neck as well. She sighed and walked out to the snow covered world.


"Whoohoo! Destiny is coming over!" Yurie exclaimed happily. She was literally jumping out of her seat when she heard the news.

Yurie, a eight year old girl with blonde hair and amethyst purple eyes. She has a hyperactive attitude that would blow anyone who isn't used to it, away. Faaaaaaar away. Her hyperness is beyond scary, especially when she has an evil thought in the mind. In which she brings her twin sister, Mizuki to the playing field.

Mizuki, the twin of Yurie only with different appearances. Her hair, instead of sunshine yellow, was bright yellow(yes there's a difference) and her eyes were sapphire blue. She has a sort of quiet personality but if you give her something that has meat(yes meat), she will turn just as hyperactive as Yurie and that's not a good thing. Not a good thing at all. Once she's in what people call "The hyperactive mode", she will be as crazy as her sister and just as evil as well. Which is why she's becoming a vegetarian. Even though Yurie somehow has a piece of meat on her, hidden from plain sight.....

There has only been one single person who can control those two and that's their older sister, Kouyuu Ikeda.

Kouyuu, a sixteen year old girl with a personality as cold as ice or snow to the ones she hates and/or find annoying. Her waist long hair is cerulean blue, a trait she inherited from her father's side(the Hikari family)(blame me for no originality!) and her eyes were pale blue. Doesn't talk unless necessary, she has been the most popular girl at Hitari All Girl Academy her entire time there. How she became friends with Destiny is still unknown. Either unknown or they don't remember. Her mom, Tsuyu Ikeda, forces her to model for her clothes...against her will which makes her even more famous. She's usually seen running from her fans, at home resting, hanging with her friends, or being around her sisters who were more helpful than the bodyguards her mom hires.

And just when Kouyuu's power over her twin sisters was most helpful...she's upstairs in her room sleeping soundlessly. I feel sorry for Destiny right about now.....

"Yuri-chan, calm down. We don't want to distrub aneki-chan's sleep now do we?" Mizuki reminded kindly and oh so softly. Yes...you never want to distrub Kouyuu's sleep or else you will need a cast for an entire week....

Yurie stopped jumping on the couch and jumped down to the ground, landing a perfect landing next to her younger twin. "Ah Mizu-chan, do I have to give you some meat to show you how much fun this is gonna be?"

Mizuki's face darkened at the word 'meat'. Oh yes she knows what happens whenever she goes in her "hyperactive mode". "Yuri-chan...."

"What are you planning this time, imouto?" a smooth soft voice said from somewhere above them. Yurie and Mizuki looked up and saw Kouyuu in a black sleeveless turtleneck and black pants. Awake and leaning against the gold and bronze rail fence up on the balcony. A semi-spiral staircase led up to it only it was against the wall, the left side of the front door. Very hard to explain how it looks like right now....

"Aneki-chan!" the twins exclaimed in surprise. "What are you doing up so early?"

Kouyuu raised an eyebrow. "So I get up at 10:20 am and suddenly it's early for you people? I can just go back to sleep you know...."

"No. Don't. It's just that you don't usually wake up until like 12." Mizuki answered.

"So why are you up so early?" Yurie asked, curious.

Kouyuu shrugged. "Bored. And Ai-chan, Daere, and Andrew is coming over anyway."

The twins' face brightened at the mention of "Ai-chan". Aisuke was the full name and she was Kouyuu's friend for over ten years. Well...eleven but it has to be an even number! Aisuke had crimson red hair and eyes like Yurie's. She has a carefree personality and was one of the first three to actually had the courage to talk to Kouyuu. She was the only one who can get away with calling their older sister Kou-chan. The twins loves and I mean loves to the play with her.

Daere was a brunette boy with light blue eyes who was also their cousin. From their father's side. How he got brunette hair...they have no idea. Maybe it had something to do with his mother who had married into the Hikari family.... So anyway, he and Kouyuu were pretty close. Very close. As close as Kouyuu and Aisuke are and that's super close. Daere has to model for Tsuyu so Kouyuu wouldn't be alone. She was silently happy and relieved. His personality is a bit like Aisuke and Kouyuu's personalities combined only Aisuke's side is more dominate.

Andrew, a red haired boy with redish purplish eyes. He is Aisuke's twin brother and is a bit like her as well. It's usually difficult to tell the two apart since they look nearly identical in nearly every way except the eyes. Oh and the hair. Andrew's hair is around shoulder length and he always ties it up while Aisuke's hair is down to her middle back.

"They're coming?!" the twins shouted. Kouyuu winced. She hated loud noises....

"Yes. Ai-chan called me on my cell."

"Alright! We can set Destiny and Andrew-niisan up!" Yurie, the more loud one, pointed out.

"Des is coming over?" Kouyuu said interestedly. She had a thing for teasing the poor girl....

"Yup!" Yurie answered.

"We know that Destiny has a crush on Andrew-niisan so we can set them up." Mizuki suggested quietly.

Kouyuu shook her head. Those two.... "Well don't do anything loud. Especially you imouto. I'll be out in the garden if you need me." Here's something that can be helpful. Kouyuu only calls Yurie imouto and Mizuki imouto-chan.

Yurie pouted. "You don't trust me?"

Kouyuu shook her head once more. "I trust you as much as I trust my fanboys." Yurie pouted even more and this time, crossed her arms. "I'll be out in the garden. Remember that."

"Which garden? The front or back?" Mizuki asked.

"Back." and with that, Kouyuu disappeared from the balcony as she headed for her room where she can jump down from her balcony onto the back garden. God that was a run-on sentence.

"But Yuri-chan...what can we do to help?" Mizuki asked. The said girl had an evil look in her eyes. "Yuri-chan...?" Oh fear the well-known evil look of Yurie Ikeda!!!! -cue scream here-

"Mizu-chan, I'm afraid I need you to be hyper for this...."

Mizuki gulped. That can't be good.... "Yuri-chan...what do you have planned...?"

Yurie just smirked and handed her a piece of a chicken wing. Mizuki gulped once more and took a bite. Her expression changed afterwards. "Okay. So what do we do Yuri-chan!" Ah fear the combine force of the Ikeda twins!!!! -cue more screams here-

Yurie did an evil smirk. "One word. Decieve....." -cue scream here once more-


"Hello?" Destiny knocked on the Ikeda mansion door but nothing or no one answered. She pushed it lightly and it creaked opened. "This is just too much like the horror movies I see...." But nonetheless, she went in anyway.

"Yurie? Mizuki? Where the hell are you two?!" Destiny shouted, voice echoing in the vast mansion. "Okay...now it truly IS much like the horror movies I see...."

Then she spotted an envelope on the ground before her. She bent down and picked it up, examining it like a police does to...police related things. On the front were words in swirly fancy cursive from a black ink pen. But as I can't show you to fancy swirly cursive writing, you'll have to settle with italics.

To Destiny

Please read. Urgent.

From anonymous

And there was the Ikeda family symbol sealing the envelope. The Symbol was two feathers intertwined with each other, one black and the other white. Behind the intertwined feathers was a ritual like circle, a six point star enclosed in two circles with the symbols of the astrology in between them. Them as in circles.

"Wha--why is there an envelope for me? And who the hell is 'anonymous'?!" Destiny asked. That's the whole point of putting down anonymous idiot!

Being the curious person she is, she broke the seal and reached in to see a piece of paper. Unfolding it carefully, she skimmed whatever was on the paper.


You(yes you!) must...go find the yellow brick road!

"What?!" Destiny exclaimed.

Ahahahahahaha! Just kidding. In case you're wondering, we shall remain anonymous for the time being. But you know there are more than one person behind the code name 'anonymous'.


Here are your instructions.

"Wait. Instructions?"

Yes. You have instructions! Which means....

"What? I'm gonna die?"

You must follow them! Muahahahahahahaha!

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! THAT'S EVEN WORST!"

Yes! That's right! Fear the wrath of following instructions! Yes we're evil. It's in our genes. Now, back to business. Here are the instructions.

"Damn. I gotta follow instructions."

1) If you haven't done this, do it! Turn on the freaking lights!!!!

Dark brown eyes looked around to see that the entire place was completely dark. "Oh right. No wonder it's so dark. I wonder how I can actually read this letter....Oh right. The sun." Fingers felt around and finally found the light switch. They flicked the switch to on and the entire place lit up. Well...only the living room but who cares. As the lights lit, the girl went back to reading the letter. The terrible letter which included instructions to follow.

Pretty isn't it? We decorated it ourselves.

"What?" The black haired girl had a look of confusion about her.

In case you are so freaking thick...look up.

Brown eyes looked up and widen. The entire mansion had been decorated with Christmas decorations. There were red, green, and white streamers near the ceiling which all goes to the center of the ceiling where a bright white snowflake was, sparkling. On the windows were pieces of cut-outs of winter related things. Near the fireplace, on the right, was a huge Christmas tree decorated with fancy ornaments and streamers and other things. The fireplace was bringing warmth to the entire lower floor. Presents lied below the tree as that's where it belongs. Destiny only had one word for it all.


Pretty isn't it? Yes I know. It is! -insert happy face here- So anyway....here are the rest of the instructions!

"Damn. I thought we got over the instructions already...."

Oh you thought they were done? Hahahahahaha! You gotta be kidding. Afterall, why would the word 'instruction' be pural? Use some common sense Destiny!!!!

"Hey! A piece of paper's insulting me!!!!"

And before you say anything, we are not insulting you! We're mainly stating the facts! Ha!

"I'm being outsmarted by a piece of paper!"

2)Go to the kitchen.

"Which kitchen! You people have like three here!"

(The first floor kitchen)

"Oh." Destiny said rather stupidly. "Should have guessed that...."


"Is this paper commenting me everytime I'm saying something?!"



-roll eyes- Shut up and go to the ktichen.

"I am not listening to instructions from a piece of enchanted paper!"

Fine. Then we shall go and tell Andrew--

"Wait. Andrew's coming?"

--that he doesn't need to come and we will probably be better off without him....

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!! No! You can't do that! Fine! I will go and listen to instructions from a piece of enchanted paper even though it seems so weird and creepy!"

-insert happy face with vein here- Just go before I seriously do tell him.

"Yes ma'am! Or sir!" and Destiny rushed off to the first floor kitchen and flicked open the lights. Her mouth began to water at the sight of all the food. "Damn....."

Like it? Now...bring them to the dining table in the ball room. You know where that is. Bring everything. The chicken, turkey, salad, beef, fruit salad, rice, chow mein, fried rice, pizza, hamburger, hot dogs, chocolate cake, cheesecake, ice-cream sundae, hot chocolate...well. You get the point. Don't you?

"Hell yeah!! I'm not an idiot you know!!"

Hurry it up. We need your help to do this for the dinner party our father is hosting after all.

"Wait." The black haired girl stopped short, holding the plate of chicken wings towards the ballroom. "Father? You're Mizuki and Yurie?!"

-insert yawning face here- Wow. Took you what? Fifteen minutes to actually find out who we are. You seriously are slow. Just continue putting out the food. We'll help.

Just then, two girls appeared right before her. Destiny screamed in surprise or was it shock? Oh well.

"Hey Destiny!" the two exclaimed.

"Where did you two come from?!" Destiny shouted.

"Some..." Yurie started.

"Where." Mizuki finished.

"Where's somewhere?" Destiny asked.

"Up...." Yurie began.

"There!" Mizuki pointed up. Fear the twin connection....

"Where? The roof?" Destiny asked.

"Yup!" Destiny was takenback. She had not expected that as the answer.


"Now, come on! We need to put this food out to the ball room! Apparently...tou-san wants to host a Christmas dinner party for his "high class" friends...." Yurie told her. "Of course....aneki-chan could help but she's out in the gardens and probably doesn't want to be distrub."

Destiny didn't argue about it. She knew what Kouyuu was captiable of. "Then grab some food!"

"Don't forget that we can easily call Andrew-niisan and tell him that he doesn't need to come to the dinner party...." Yurie threatened.

Destiny suddenly remembered that Andrew, Aisuke, and his brother, Adam(hey cool. All begin with 'A') were the sons of a major game company which would explain why they have so much freaking games in their house/mansion.....

"I'm beginning to think that you two have been hanging around Kouyuu-chan too long when she's making threats...."

"Well duh! We're almost always around her!" the twins replied happily.

Destiny sighed as she continued her journey to the ballroom to place the food on the buffet table. "I know."


The eldest Ikeda member of the family was outside, in the gardens, drawing. Yes. You heard right. Drawing. Out in the snow and leaning against one of the oak trees growing there. Why there is an oak tree there...is because their garden is big enough to host one.

She was sitting down, back against the trunk of the tree with her left leg up against her chest. In her hands was a notebook which she was drawing in. What she was drawing was a landscape much like the snow covered city. She wasn't cold, despite the fact that she was wearing only a black high neck sleeveless shirt and blue jeans. Around her neck was a long gold chain which was connected to a gold locket tucked underneath her shirt and another long chain(silver) connected to a white feather showing out, dangling over her shirt, reaching down to her stomach. Her hair was flowing a little behind her, riding the soft wind currents.

She pulled out the gold chain and stared at the front of the locket. It had the Ikeda family symbol on it and the Hikari symbol on the back. A cross with a pair of white/silver wings. She opened the locket and revealed a picture of her, the twins, and her parents. It had been taken about two years back.

She sighed, her Hikari mask slipping but she quickly put it back on when she noticed someone coming. Looking up, she saw a mass of red hair which belonged to a smiling, happy girl.

"Ai-chan." she said, enknowledging her presence.

"Hey Kou-chan!" the girl greeted.

"When did you come?" the Ikeda/Hikari girl asked.

"Just at first. You know that Yu-chan and Mi-chan had threatened Des-chan to helping them set up for the dinner party later on?" Aisuke said.

Kouyuu raised an eyebrow. "Really now...."

"They've been hanging around you for too long. Seriously. I think Ikeda-san should have taken them along with her to Florida." Aisuke shook her head.

Kouyuu nearly let a laugh escape her mouth but being a descendent of the Hikari family, she managed to hold it back. "Hm...." But there was amusement hidden deep in her voice.

Aisuke must have noticed, being someone who knows nearly everything about the young girl, for she had smiled. "Come on. Are you going to stay out here forever?"

"Why do you ask?" Kouyuu questioned.

"Because for one thing, no matter how much you control snow or ice, you are bound to get cold sooner or later and I, being your best friend, can't allow that to happen." Aisuke answered simply and immediately, like she's said this many times.

Kouyuu shook her head. "I'm not cold."

"You will be in that shirt of yours!" Aisuke argued.

"The shadows cannot die in the darkness. The ice will not perish in the cold." Kouyuu recited like she knew it by heart, going back to drawing in her notebook.

Aisuke growled. "But I'm not talking about dying! I'm talking about catching a freaking cold!"

Kouyuu clasped her notebook shut which surprised Aisuke. The cerulean haired girl stood up slowly. "Fine. I'll go in. Happy?"

Aisuke smiled, happy that she had won. "Yup!" and began running towards the back door which led back to the mansion.

Kouyuu sighed and shook her head as she followed after the energetic girl, blue locks swaying over her pale blue eyes. "Ai-chan....."


"How much people are coming over?!" Destiny yelled at the twins.

They had just finished putting all the food and it had filled up three long tables covered in those plain white tablecloths.

Yurie shrugged. "Eh. Couple hundred or something?"

Destiny's eyes widen at that sentence. "Couple...hundred?!"

"Yea. It's a Christmas party. Can you blame tou-san?" Mizuki asked, jumping up and down next to Yurie. Her hyperness doesn't run out until tomorrow morning....

Destiny shook her head. "Guess not."

At that exactly moment, the grand hall(why does this seem like a palace than a mansion?) doors burst open and in came a man with blue hair and sapphire blue eyes. He wore those black fancy suits and had a grin on his face.

"I knew I can count on you, my daughters." the man praised.

"Tou-san!" the twins exclaimed, sounding surprised.

"Where's Kouyuu?" he asked, looking around as if expecting the girl to come out of nowhere and scaring the hell out of them.

"Here." and he was right for everyone in that hall had jumped or yelped in surprise from the sudden answer. Kouyuu raised an eyebrow in question but said nothing as Aisuke smiled brightly. The twins tackled her down while she just hugged them. Kouyuu shook her head. Destiny's eyes widen even more and the older Hikari clapped his hands together.

"Now. The guests are coming in fifteen minutes. Can you please dress up formally?" he asked, indicating Kouyuu, Destiny, Mizuki, and Yurie. Aisuke had dressed in a red blouse with a matching red skirt which reached down to her knees and was ruffled. A pair of pink shoes that showed her toes was on her, heels about half an inch high.

"Do we have to?" Kouyuu asked plainly and flatly. She never begged, whined, or complain...in front of other people that is.

"Yes now hurry it up!" and the man walked out of the ball room/grand hall. Mizuki and Yurie groaned while Kouyuu just walked out quietly to her room. The twins then followed Kouyuu only to their own rooms. Destiny just stared blankly.

"Uhh....I didn't bring any other clothes though...." she said awkwardly.

"Don't worry. I'm sure Kou-chan can lend you something." Aisuke suggested.

Destiny sighed in relief. "Good. Cause I don't want to see Hikari-san's face when he sees me in my regular outfit."

"Who would? He goes ballistic over minor things!" Aisuke said.

"So true...I wonder why he doesn't have that much white hair from the way he blows up on almost everything...."

"Maybe he dyes his hair?" Aisuke suggested. That's what my mom does! I'm serious.

The two thought over the suggestion as a thought bubble hung over their heads, projecting what the two were thinking of and strangely and scaringly, they were thinking the same thing.


Akito Hikari was standing in front of one of the many bathroom mirrors, examining himself as a bottle of blue dye was sitting on the sink ledge.

"Damnit. More white hair. I gotta stop being so frustrated over so much things. Cost too much to buy the dye and the people there are getting suspicious over the fact that I need a bottle every week."

And the man continued pouring blue dye over his head.


It was a funny thought but they waved it over. "Nah!" Besides, it was too unbelievable.


Kouyuu was in a real delima. She, the girl who is cold to nearly everyone, couldn't figure out which clothes she has actually qualify as "formal". She could always wear the same thing she wears to formal parties; that light blue spagetti strap dress that reached a bit above the knee and those one inch high heels which were dark blue. The problem was...she couldn't find it.

"Damn. Where is it?" she muttered, cursing under her breath. "I was sure I put it here somewhere...."

"Yo Kou-chan. Can we--whoa! It's raining clothes out here!" she heard the door close as Aisuke walked in.

"What is it Ai-chan?" Kouyuu asked, flinging more clothes behind her.

"We need a formal dress for Des-chan here." Aisuke answered, trying to dodge the clothes flying towards her and Destiny.

"Pick from the discarded pile of clothes outside this enormous closet in which I need to find where my formal dress went and hope that it hadn't been buried underneath all the clothes in here." Kouyuu replied flatly, continue flinging out the clothes, smacking some into Aisuke and Destiny's face.

"Watch where you're flinging them!" Destiny yelled, annoyed.

Whether Kouyuu didn't hear or just ignored her, she continued searching for her missing dress, not answering the girl. Destiny sighed and joined Aisuke in digging through the discarded clothes. Kouyuu growled and began select something that was hanging on the clothes rack when she couldn't find her "formal" dress.

"Find it?" Aisuke asked, curious. Destiny had found something she liked. A black sleeveless turtleneck dress that reached to the floor, covering her black high heels. She quickly changed into it.

"No. Guess I need to go in this." Kouyuu's voice carried out of the closet. There was a shuffle and five minutes later, Kouyuu appeared, in a outfit you wouldn't dare catch her in unless she was modeling. She came out of the huge closet in a whiteshort sleeve dress which reached down to her knees and a pair of white half inch heels with her toes showing and the straps circling around her ankle. "I hate dressing up." Aisuke grinned happily. "What are you so happy about?"

"It's not everyday you dress up in a girly sort of thing outside of a photo shoot or down the aisle." she quickly replied. Kouyuu groaned again.

"I hate my life."

The door opened and the twins came in. Mizuki was in a dark blue chinese type dress with gold lining while Yurie was in the same thing only it was yellow and had silver lining. Their hair was up in a ponytail. "Hey. Wow. You look pretty aneki-chan!"

Destiny pouted. "What about me?"

"Oh you look fine too Destiny." Yurie said absentmindedly, not looking at her.

"...you don't sound that convincing....."

"What did you want them to do? Swoon and faint?" Kouyuu commented. Destiny crossed her arms while Aisuke and the twins laughed.

"Come on. It's time for the party to begin and Andrew-niisan, Adam-niisan, and Daere-niisan is probably already there." Yurie said excitedly.

Destiny's face brightened. "Really? Andrew's here!? Already?!"

"Yea. We saw him near the buffet table."

"Whoohoo! I'm coming darling!" and Destiny hightailed out of Kouyuu's room, leaving a pile of dust behind her. They coughed and were about to leave when they noticed that Kouyuu hadn't moved.

"You coming aneki-chan?" Yurie asked, looking at her.

"I'll come later. Need to clean up my room of these clothes....." Kouyuu gestured to the pile of clothes in the middle of her room and the ones laying on her bed.

"Your fault." Aisuke pointed out.

"It's the dress's fault for missing." and Kouyuu began picking up her shirts. "Go on down. I'll come later."

"Race you." Yurie challenged.

"You're on." and the twins ran out. Aisuke lingered back until she noticed that something was in her hand. She looked up to see Kouyuu smirking. She has something planned....

"You know what this is right?" Kouyuu said, still smirking. Aisuke gulped and nodded. Even someone close to her would fear Kouyuu's smirk. "I want you to go and get Des and Andrew under it. Got it?"

Aisuke looked at the mistletoe in her hand. "Why?"

Kouyuu went back to picking up her clothes. "Why else. To set them up."

"You...setting someone up?!" Aisuke exclaimed in shock.

"You sound like you're surprised...." Kouyuu mused.

"Well duh!"

Kouyuu sighed. "Just go. I'll be down to see if you have....Get them to a private place. Outside somewhere near the gardens."

Aisuke looked at her friend and the plant and sighed. "You come up with too many plans...."

"Blame my Hikari side."

"No. I blame your evil and sadistic side."

"What does my evil and sadistic side have to do with anything?"

"You always use them whenever you're planning something."

"And how do you know?"

"Because you always have a scary or evil look on your face."

"You observe my face?"

"Well...yea. No! I mean yea! I mean...don't change the freaking subject!!!" Aisuke shouted, red from embarrassment.

Kouyuu laughed softly. Aisuke's eyes widen as if she had heard wrong. Kouyuu Ikeda actually laughing!? "Uhh....."

Kouyuu wiped the tears that was forming from her eyes when she was trying to stop herself from laughing hard out loud. She carried the last of her clothes to her huge closet and walked pass by her red headed friend. "Well? Aren't you coming?"

Aisuke growled in a friendly matter and followed Kouyuu out to the ball room/grand hall. Sometimes Kouyuu was the master/mistress of winning arguments....


Destiny scanned the room for any sign of red hair that didn't belong to Aisuke. Which was difficult since Aisuke and Andrew were twins. Hopefully...Aisuke wasn't down yet with Kouyuu. But it would make it easier since Andrew usually hangs around his twin who hangs around Kouyuu. Destiny groaned in frustration. She needs to stop thinking of complicated word games/sentences in her head. It makes her confuse and lose track of concentration on the task at hand which was searching for her darling. She continued looking for Andrew until she remembered something Yurie had said.


"Yea. We saw him near the buffet table."


"Bingo." Destiny muttered happily. Her dark brown eyes gaze over to the buffet table and saw him talking to his younger brother Adam while biting on a piece of chocolate cake. She happily and excitedly walked over to them.

"Hey Dest." Andrew and Adam greeted.

Adam, a boy Destiny's age, was a brunette and had hazel brown eyes, the perfect replica of his mother who had, sadly, passed away two years ago. It pained him everytime someone would say that he reminded them of his mom...a sad, sad, sad tragic memory....

"Hey Andrew. Addy." Destiny greeted.

"Don't call me Addy."

"Why not?" Destiny asked.

"Because I think it's a girl's name and I'm not a freaking girl!" Adam argued. He bit on a piece of vanilla chocolate chip cookie. Destiny saw a mug of hot chocolate and suddenly remembered that she had forgotten to bring her mug of hot chocolate with her so she began sipping one. Too much freaking chocolate! It's making me think terrible things right now....

"You sure look like one."

"Ah!" they all yelled, surprised as Kouyuu and Aisuke had popped out of no where.

Destiny placed a hand over her heart, feeling the fast beating of it. "Stop freaking scare us like that!"


"You have gotta stop popping out of no where when people least expect it." Andrew stated.

Kouyuu shrugged. "I blame you people with your guard down."

"Who would have their guard up at a dinner party?" Adam asked, curious.

"Me since I heard that Keino is still trying to get me to model for his company instead of my family's." Kouyuu replied flatly and instantly.

They sweatdropped at the answer. "Uhh...."

"Oh and Des, you should watch out for Tsuna. She's been looking for you." Aisuke remembered quickly. She grabbed a piece of chicken and began chewing on it. Kouyuu was about to say something in response to that but someone got to it first.

"Either eat it or throw it. Don't act like a dog chewing on a chew toy."

They turned to see a most horrible creature. The threat of all mankind...and women too. Can't forget them. The horrible...terrible....

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! It's you!!!" Andrew, Destiny, Adam, and Aisuke shouted, pointing at the figure before them. Kouyuu just raised an eyebrow and began drinking some soda.

The figure sweatdropped. "Yes it's me. Do you have to do that everytime I'm near you?"



"Because you're evil!!!!"

"I thought Kouyuu-chan was."

"Uh...well...because you're weird!"

"I thought Aisu-chan was."

"Because you're wicked!"

"I thought Yuri-chan and Mizu-chan were."

"Argh! I give up!" and the four slumped to the ground, exhausted.

"How can you be tired when you were just arguing or shouting at me?" the figure who's still unnamed asked.

"We just are! Stop asking questions we don't wanna answer!"

"But how should I know? You never told me."

"W-well...oh shut your mouth already!" they yelled.

The figure shrugged and turned to look at Kouyuu. "You're looking well Kouyuu-chan."

"Hn." was all she said in response to that. Not a very talkative person at all...can't carry a conversation even if it kills her....-sighs-

"Is that any way to talk to your cousin?" the weird, horrible, terrible, evil being asked.

Yes. Cousin. That weird, horrible, terrible, evil being was indeed...Daere Hikari, cousin of Mizuki, Yurie, and Kouyuu Ikeda. Why was he so horrible, terrible, and all those other horrible insults they used? Maybe it had something to do when they were little but that's another story. If you can't remember how he looks like, go back up near the second part of this story. When I was describing Aisuke and Andrew.

"Yes." came the cold reply.

"Don't tell me you're still mad about the fact that I dumped water on you...."


"Or that you found out that I hid your 'formal' outfit yesterday...."

Pale blue eyes widen as she processed this comment. "What?"

"Uhh...you didn't know?"

"Know what?" Kouyuu by now was mad but she had her Hikari mask to cover it up

"I hid your outfit yesterday when I was visiting...." Daere dared to with me for a minute...." and Kouyuu walked towards the doors with Aisuke following, confused at the summon.

"That was completely cruel and horrible, you evil person." Destiny stated.

"No wonder we always scream and shout 'It's you!' everytime you come near us." Andrew said.

Daere shrugged. "So how's it been peoples?"

"Boring! And now we must go and hide from you since you're evil and you will spread your evilness to us!" the three edged away slowly from the Hikari boy.

Daere sweatdropped. "Uhh....."

"Sayonara evil person!" and the three had ran off before Daere could get out another word.

"I swear...."

You swearing again? Not a good thing....

"Shut up."

You need to stop talking to yourself....

"I am not talking to myself!"

Then what do you call this? People are looking at you like you're crazy since you're talking to your conscience out loud instead of inside your mind....

"Fine! You win. Happy now?!"


"No one asked you!"

You just did....

Daere growled and threw his arms up in frustration and walked out of the room to go to the front gardens.


"Alright. So which garden?" Aisuke asked Kouyuu. The two were currently leaning against the ledge of Kouyuu's room's balcony, staring out into the fallen snow and was trying to make a plan to set Andrew and Destiny up.

"Back." she replied simply. Then she smirked when she looked down. "Look."

Aisuke tilted her head, confused but obeyed anyway. Her lips curved to a smile as the two saw Destiny, Andrew, and Adam out in the back garden. "This makes this so much more easier...."

"Go down and get Adam out of there. I'll tell you the rest through " Kouyuu ordered quickly. Aisuke smiled and jumped down from the balcony. Now, any normal person would have been scared out of their minds at the fact that they had jumped from the third floor but Aisuke wasn't exactly normal so she wasn't scared. She landed on the snow covered garden on her feet gracefully and faced the three.

"Where did you come from?" Adam asked.

"Balcony from Kou-chan's room. Addy, need your help on something...." Aisuke had this look in her eyes which Adam recognized and quickly followed her back inside, leaving Destiny and Andrew very much confused.

"Where are they going?" Destiny asked.

Andrew shrugged. "Who knows. They didn't say anything. But I'm sure Addy knows."

Up on the balcony, Kouyuu groaned in pain as wings began sprouting from her back. One pale blue wing came first then the other. The white feather on her necklace turned the same color. She straightened up when the wings were out, spreading them as if to test that they functioned properly.


Huh? What Kou-chan?

Go teleport to the tree above them. Do you remember?


Get a piece of string and tie the mistletoe to the branch. Teleport out of there and go back out and pretend that you just saw it for the first time.

There was a pause before Aisuke's voice echoed in Kouyuu's head.

Kou-chan, why do you have your wings out?

Kouyuu smirked. I need the feathers....

For what?


And Aisuke didn't ask any more for she trusted her to do something that wouldn't be dangerous. Hopefully..... Kouyuu looked at the tree where she could see Aisuke hiding in. Aisuke quickly tied the mistletoe to the lowest branch and looked back at her. She grinned and disappeared in a whirlwind of water. She reappeared later next to Kouyuu.

"Ready?" Kouyuu asked.

Aisuke smiled and jumped down, startling the two once more. Kouyuu watched the scene unfold, smiling ruefully as she spread out her wings and flew up, preparing for the next step of her job.


"Konnichi wa peoples!" Aisuke greeted once more happily.

"What are you doing back here?" Destiny asked. Her face was slightly red so Aisuke suspected that something had happened between the two when they had been alone. Aisuke smiled and looked up. Her smile grew to a grin.

"Look up you two."

"Huh?" Andrew and Destiny looked up and blushed. Hard.

"You must kiss! You cannot deny the laws of the mistletoe! You must follow the laws of the mistletoe! The Mistletoe Laws are never to be broken!" Aisuke demanded dramatically. Sort of like Ayame from Fruits Basket.

"Mistletoe Laws?" the two repeated, still red and confused.

"Yup! I named it. Now kiss you two!" Aisuke ordered forcefully.

"Must we?"

"Do you want me to keep saying 'you must kiss' until you do?"

Andrew's eyes widen as he knew that once Aisuke say something, it usually means she will do that. Destiny was about to protest but his lips covered hers first. Destiny's eyes widen but relaxed after a while. Aisuke shook her head.

Is that what she had to do to make them kiss?

"Alright lovebirds. Break it up. Make out later away from me." she said grinning.

The two broken apart from their kiss and suddenly Destiny looked up. "Hey cool!"

Aisuke and Andrew looked up as well and saw that there was fireworks up at the sky. Aisuke smiled. So that was what Kouyuu had planned....

"That's so cool!" Destiny exclaimed.

"Kirei...." Andrew whispered in awe.

Aisuke stared blankly up until her face lit up. Her black feather turned crimson red, like her hair, and crimson red wings appeared from behind her. She spread them and flew up to where Kouyuu was making the so call "fireworks". Actually, all Kouyuu was doing was throw out some of her feathers and hitting them with her light energy and spreading them out in patterns using her wind power.

"Nice display...." Aisuke commented.

Kouyuu turned and smirked. "I know. I just came up with it. Like it?"

Aisuke looked down and faced her. "The people down there sure do...."

"Great. So Des and Andrew kissed?"

"Yup! Pretty long too. Maybe about five minutes?"

"Who wanna bet that they're kissing again?"

"We know them that well?"

"You know we do." The two sighed.


Yurie and Mizuki were outside and looking up at the "fireworks". They exchanged looks and smiled. They knew perfectly well who was doing it.

"Isn't it pretty Yuri-chan?" Mizuki asked.

"Aneki-chan's powers must have advanced to keep up that long." she said.


"Yurie. Mizuki. What are you talking about?" The twins turned around to see Destiny blushing and Andrew looking at them confused.

"You heard us?"

"What happened to Destiny?" Mizuki asked.

"I kissed her. More like frenched but that's beside the point. What do you mean by Kouyuu-chan's powers advancing?" Andrew asked.

"She's doing all the 'fireworks' you're seeing with Aisu-chan. Aneki-chan is hitting her feathers with her light energy and making them explode. She's making the patterns by using the wind to do that." Yurie said smartly.

"How do you know?" Andrew asked, curious.

"Because she was practicing it last week. It was so pretty." Mizuki replied.

"Is Destiny gonna be okay?" Yurie asked, staring at her who was sort of drowsy after the french kiss.

Andrew grinned. "I guess. If she's not, I can always kiss her again."

"Kiss her again? How many times have you kissed her?"

"Ah! Stop popping out of no where! It's freaky!" Destiny yelled, finally out of her daze.

Kouyuu ignored her. "So how many times have you kissed her?"

"3 times I think." Andrew answered.

Aisuke whistled. "Whoa. That's a lot and you just got together like ten minutes ago."

"I know. I try to keep it a little spiced up."

"I wanna go slow Andrew." Destiny demanded.

Andrew grabbed her wrist. "Come on. I wanna show you something over at my house." Destiny blushed at that comment.


"Shut up Kouyuu-chan!"

"Make me."


"Oh just go off with your boyfriend and make out with him."

"Shut up!" Destiny was bright red by now.

"Can't make me."

"Why won't you shut up about my love life!?"

"Cause I was the one who set you up with Andrew."

"What?! That was you?!"


"I'm gonna...." and there was a long line of colorful words by this point.

"Merry Christmas to you too!" Aisuke shouted after them. She wrapped an arm around Kouyuu's shoulders. "So what are we doing now?"

Kouyuu shrugged half-heartedly. "Eh. Right now I'm just bored. Have you seen Daere anywhere?"

Aisuke looked thoughtful for a minute. Just one minute. Then she shook her head. "Nope. Not since you dragged me off."

"Nevermind then. Merry Christmas Ai-chan."

"Merry Christmas to you too Kou-chan!"