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Chocolate-Filled Love

Oh it was the most horrible day ever. What was that? What do you mean you didn't hear anything? Are you freaking deaf?! There it goes again! You have to have heard that one! What was that you asked? It was a phrase that a certain someone really hates. It was something that she really wants to erase off the existence of the Earth. It was the mark of war. The signal of war.


That was the battle cry on February the 14th. The day that Kouyuu dreaded even more than New Years. Valentine's Day. It brings a shiver down Kouyuu's spine as if someone dropped an ice cube down her white button shirt. It was the day in which girls give chocolates, cards, gifts, or whatever to the boys. Now a girl like Kouyuu Ikeda wouldn't have to worry right? No. She has female admirers(however you spell it) too and that was who had called her. However, one single cry can alert the entire female population of Hitari All Girl Academy. And that's the entire freaking school. At least she didn't have to worry about the boys until next month.

Kouyuu was walking with Aisuke down the long, almost endless hallway of the third floor. Kouyuu was in the school's uniform; a white shirt, black plaited skirt, white knee high socks, black shoes, and a black ribbon tied underneath the collar. She wore a black zipped vest that was optional. Aisuke wore the black blazer instead of the vest.

"Fanclub coming." Aisuke pointed out. "Don't they come later on?"

Kouyuu continued walking. "Run?"

"Sure." and the two girls began running away.


"Don't run yet!"

"Please accept this token of our friendship!"

The mob of girls behind them continued running after Aisuke and Kouyuu.

I hate your fanclub Kou-chan.

Blame the Hikari genes. Kouyuu thought bitterly.

Why? Aisuke was confused on what the Hikari genes have to do with anything.

You know perfectly well that nearly everyone who was a Hikari was good-looking. And feminine for the boys.

I still find that scary.

Shut up and keep running. I think they're more prepared this time. They lightened their load and there are a couple of them ahead of us. I think they're planning on trapping us.....

The roof?

You kidding? They can corner us and the only way we can get out is to either jump off the roof and risk showing our wings or get one of us to be a diversion while the other runs off.

Aisuke sweatdropped at what Kouyuu had said. She did have a point. Fine! Head out to the yard? The teachers won't mind if we're late. They know today's Valentine's.

I should kill the teachers for not restraining them....

The teachers aren't stupid. The girls will eat them alive! Aisuke did have a good point. The teachers of the school didn't stand a chance against the girls' fangirlish ideas and troubles. Oh the lengths fangirls actually go through..... Aisuke and Kouyuu shuddered at the thought. Well, actually, Aisuke shuddered. Kouyuu frowned since she didn't show much emotions outside her mansion.

.........head out to the school Des and Andrew goes to.

Roger that!

Don't do that Ai-chan.

Do what?


Why not?

Because it's freaky.

Aisuke grinned widely until she spotted another group of girls ahead of them. Watch out! Fanclub at one o' clock! They quickly dodged the fangirls and ran through the gates of the academy. They ran out to the streets, not apologizing to the people they had knocked over as the first thing that was on their minds were....

Get to Uraki High now and lose them there!


"Wait up Ikeda-sempai!"


"Wow. Some of them has the nerve to call you by your first name." Aisuke joked, laughing a little.

"Why couldn't they scream your name for once?" Kouyuu asked, no emotion shone in her voice.

Aisuke cracked a smile. "Because I'm not as pretty as you are."

"Ai-chan, do me a favor and don't talk."

"Aye aye Kou-chan!"

".......you're still talking.........."

Aisuke shut up.

"Thank you....."


Destiny and Andrew were walking side by side across their school yard. Destiny was in a spaghetti strap black dress that was over a grey tank top. Her hair was tied down with a purple hairtie. Andrew was wearing a black sweatshirt over his white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

"Today's Valentine's Day." Destiny reminded.

"Yea....." Andrew said absentmindedly.

Suddenly, a black, white, red, and blue blur appeared beside them and headed towards the school. A pack of fangirls ran after them.


"Jeez! Kou-chan! Don't they call you anything else besides that?" Destiny and Andrew heard one of the blurs say.

"Shut...up...." and the two blurs kept running with the pack behind them.

"Don't run!"


"We love you!"

Andrew, Destiny, and a couple other people in the yard just stared blankly in front of them, blinking occasionally.

"Uhhh....." Destiny was speechless.

"Valentine's Day....the day of love." Andrew commented.

"And the day Kouyuu-chan hates the most."

"So that was what I was forgetting!" Andrew exclaimed, smacking his forehead.

"You forgot about Valentine's Day?!" Destiny shouted at her boyfriend. "How could you!"

Andrew cowered as his girlfriend towered over him. "S-sorry....."

"What kind of boyfriend are you?!"

"A very lousy one?"

"Even a lousy boyfriend doesn't forget about Valentine's Day!" Destiny yelled. "Do you want me to break up with you?!"

"You don't even have the heart to break up with me!"

"Wrong! I so can!"

"Then do it right now!"


"See! You can't break up with me since you love me too much to actually go through with it!"

Then Andrew kissed Destiny on the lips so suddenly that Destiny nearly fell back. They didn't even noticed Kouyuu and Aisuke walking towards them, very tired. Although Kouyuu wasn't showing it. Aisuke collasped in front of the couple as Kouyuu stood, waiting for Aisuke to finish resting. Andrew and Destiny were still kissing as Kouyuu watched in disgust.

"You going to keep kissing? You have to breath some time." she pointed out.

The two broke out of their kiss with Destiny blushing like mad and Andrew grinning like mad. Both were panting for air as they had kissed for a long time. Kouyuu rolled her eyes and dragged Aisuke off to the direction towards their school which was coincidently about five blocks away.

"If you don't mind...we'll leave you two alone. Don't wanna be late for school now do you?" and the Ikeda and Sakurai girls walked out of the scene.

"Come on. Let's go to homeroom." Destiny said.

Andrew smiled. "Fine but you owe me."

"Owe you what?"

"Valentine's Day idiot. The day when girls give their love chocolate or whatever relating to showing their love."

"Don't call me that!"

"Think of it as a pet name!"


"Love you too." and Andrew walked inside just before the bell rang. Destiny jumped and hurried inside as well. The two didn't want to be late.


Kouyuu and Aisuke were nervous. Actually...scratch out nervous. They were down right scared to their bones. Afterall, nearly everyone in the class(they were in English) was looking at the two. Mainly Kouyuu as Aisuke is right next to her. Kouyuu looked out the window on her left since she was used to this. Aisuke was sweatdropping like mad.

Kou-chan...I'm scared that they will jump you any minute now...... Aisuke thought to Kouyuu. There was no answer from the girl. Kou-chan!!!! Answer me damn it!!!

Huh? Kouyuu looked at Aisuke who was glaring at her. What do you want?

Your fangirls look ready to jump you any minute now..... Aisuke stopped glaring and looked around them. The girls were talking to each other in low voices which Aisuke can clearly translate as whispers on something. Either about Kouyuu or Valentine's Day. The teacher was writing something on the board.

"Alright. As I'm sure you all know, we are having a Valentine's Day dance for everyone. Uraki High and Kiri Academy will also attend so you won't have to worry about not meeting any boys."

All the girls started whispering to each other once again. Kiri Academy was an all boy school which was full of boys who were rich and good-looking. The school was the brother of Hitari Academy. Kouyuu looked uninterested while Aisuke looked nervous.

"Destiny and Andrew will probably come....." she whispered to the Ikeda.

"Hm." was all she answered with.

The bell rang and everyone rushed out. Kouyuu and Aisuke walked down the hallway to their next class which was art. They walked in silence and took their seats inside the class.

"I hate dances." Kouyuu finally muttered.

"It can't be that bad Kou-chan." Aisuke stated. Kouyuu looked at her in a "are-you-kidding-me?" look. Aisuke sighed. "You're right. It's going to be that bad."

"Precisely." Kouyuu mumbled. She dropped her head on the desk, making a bang sound and causing some students to look at her. She ignored them all as she kept mumbling about something that was inaudiable. Aisuke shook her head. This always happens(usually) whenever there was a school wide gathering.

"Gomen nasai Ikeda-san and Sakurai-san but...." Aisuke looked up to see the teacher near them. Kouyuu was still mumbling to herself with her face down.

"What is it Tomigai-sensei?" Aisuke asked politely.

"We need someone to...uhh...paint a picture for the dance." she said.

Aisuke looked fearful for some odd reason. Even Kouyuu looked up, hint of horror in her eyes. "W-what?"

"We just need you two to paint us a picture." Tomigai-sensei said nervously.

"How much paintings?" Kouyuu said, banging her head against her desk once more.

"About...15. Each."

They trying to kill us here?! Kouyuu thought.


"Anything you want. We're planning on selling them at the dance." Tomigai-sensei explained.

"Okay." Aisuke agreed.

"Wonderful!" She clapped her hands together excitedly and walked off.

Kouyuu groaned. "Great. I was hoping for a nice day."

"Oh and it has to be done by tonight!!"

Aisuke and Kouyuu groaned. They had a lot of homework already.

Why can't God help us?! the two thought.


Destiny cheered and jumped up when she heard the news of the Valentine's Day dance hosted by Hitari Academy. She wasn't the only one who cheered and was excited. Nearly everyone in the school cheered as they were in an assembly. Andrew, who was sitting next to her, was one of the few who wasn't cheering and pulled Destiny back down on her chair.

"Calm down, Dest." he ordered. Destiny crossed her arms and glared at him.

"Don't ruin my fun, Andy." Destiny smirked, watching her boyfriend's expression from being called the nickname that he hated the most.

"Don't call me that!" Andrew exclaimed. "Hate that name. Wish Aisuke never said it...." and he began to pout.

Destiny giggled. The principal had somehow managed to calm the entire school down. "Now, Hitari Academy is hosting it for us and another school. I'm sure you all have heard of Kiri All Boy Academy am I right?" All the girls squealed/screamed/yelled/etc at that point, making nearly all the male population and Destiny deaf. Even the female teachers were screaming/squealing for odd reasons. As soon as the entire female population had calmed down, the principal continued. "Hitari had invited them as well. Now...I want everyone to be on their best behavior....ah screw it. It's a dance. Everyone's not going to anyway. Why even bother? Who wrote this speech anyway?!" Everyone sweatdropped at the principal's final words. "Just have fun and I'll let you guys have the next day off."

Everyone(including the teachers) cheered and rushed out of the auditorum and headed to their classes. Destiny and Andrew were talking.

"I can't believe it! They're actually having a dance! I can't wait to see Kouyuu-chan and Aisuke-chan...." Destiny said.

"I hope they don't spike the drinks....." Andrew said, remembering what usually happens to dances. Even at school ones.

"Don't worry about that. Worry about us not getting to class on time!" Destiny shouted.

"What?! The bell already rang?!" and the two hurried to their next class which was Home Ec.


It was the night of the Valentine's Day dance. In the middle of the gym/dance floor was a disco ball that was the center of the decorations at the dance. All the red and white and pink streamers were linked back at the silver disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

Our main characters(Destiny, Andrew, Aisuke, Kouyuu) were off near the side. It was a mystery but somehow...Aisuke and Kouyuu had managed to paint the 15 paintings they were required to paint for the Valentine's Day dance. Destiny and Andrew were talking while drinking soda. Kouyuu was leaning against the wall with her left leg over the other leg and her arms crossed. Aisuke was sitting next to Kouyuu on the ground, back against the wall. Her legs were bent though.

Destiny wore a red t-shirt with blue jeans. Andrew just wore a white shirt under a red jacket. Kouyuu wore a light blue tank top under a white thin jacket with a pair of dark blue jeans. Aisuke wore a pink spaghetti strap tank top over a white sleeveless shirt with a red skirt that reached three inches above her knees. She had clipped a small red clip with a bunch of white strings that were attached to the clip with small pink and red hearts on the strings, dangling from Aisuke's hair.

"I'm bored...." Aisuke suddenly said to the other three.

The three looked at her. Destiny answered back. "Then go do something...."

"I'd rather not. I rather not leave Kou-chan alone. She'll go crazy." she argued.

"Why am I even here in the first place?" Kouyuu muttered, looking up at the ceiling.

"Because Ai-chan dragged you here." Andrew answered.

Kouyuu sighed. "I see a bunch of girls coming our way....."

The other three looked up to see them but was too slow. Soon, Andrew and Kouyuu were buried underneath a pile of chocolates, candies, cards, and other Valentine's Day stuff. Andrew popped his head up while Kouyuu just dug her way out. She began eating some as she was hungry. Hungry enough to eat some of her fanclub's gifts. Andrew was standing when a girl suddenly appeared and handed him a card, a red rose, and chocolate in a heart shaped box.

"I love you very much. Please accept this as a token of my love." and she hurried the hell out of his sight, leaving a cloud of dust.

"Well that was...weird." Aisuke commented.

"Want some chocolate? Can't eat it all." Kouyuu offered. Aisuke smiled and nodded furiously. "Then go get some."

"Whoohoo!" and Aisuke began eating some of the candies and chocolate.

"Uhh....Dest? Destiny? Destiny Takahashi?!?!?!" Andrew shouted in her ear. The girl did nothing in response to that shout. Andrew scratched his head, wondering what the hell was the problem with his girlfriend.


"Huh?" Aisuke and Andrew questioned. Kouyuu just ignored her and kept eating.

"Must...kill...." Destiny whispered. "FANGIRLS!! THEY MUST ALL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and somehow, a sword appeared in her hand and she ran off, chasing after the girls who had given Andrew the gifts. "DIE! THEY ALL MUST DIE!"

"Uhh...Des? Are you okay?" Aisuke asked timidly.


"Des...." Aisuke said in a worried tone.

"Just leave her." The two siblings looked at Kouyuu in disbelief, a look that clearly said "are-you-kidding-me-she's-getting-ready-to-kill-off-every-girl-who-gave-me/him-Valentine's-Day-presents-and-clearly-gives-out-a-look-which-says-that-nothing-can-stop-her". "I know what you're thinking. Literally. At least this way, we won't have any problems with fangirls ever again."

"But still...I don't wish Dest on anyone...." Andrew mumbled.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" The three winced as they heard a girl scream outloud.

"Huh. That sounded like...who was she again? Oh yeah. Fangirl number 10." Aisuke said to Kouyuu.

"Thank god." Kouyuu popped a heart shaped chocolate in her mouth. "Not that much fangirls anymore then." Then she took in a deep breath and said, "KEEP GOING DESTINY! GO KILL OFF MORE FANGIRLS!!!!"

There was a "YAY! ALRIGHT!" and more screams. Aisuke and Andrew looked on in horror as well as some other people in the gym. Some other's were sweatdropping at Kouyuu's encouragment. The rest were giving Kouyuu an "are-you-kidding-me" look. Kouyuu just ignored them all.

"We should really stop them...." Aisuke decided about five minutes later.

"Yea but how? We can't do anything unless we wanna sacrifice ourselves...." Andrew said.

"Kou-chan....." Aisuke said to the girl beside her who was halfway through with her Valentine's Day present food. "Help?"

Kouyuu thought for a while. "Fine." There were screams of terror in the background as well as Destiny's Evil Laugh. "But I can't think of anything...."

Aisuke and Andrew fell to the ground. Kouyuu blinked and continued eating. "Well...I don't know what to do. Do you?"

"No....." the two said grimly.

Suddenly, Adam appeared from no where. "Well you better do something quick before the fangirls get tired and Destiny kills them off. You know how fast Dest is when she's blinded from rage."

"Wah! Don't appear from no where!!!!" Aisuke and Andrew screamed.

Kouyuu ignored the two. "We need....."

"Me!" The Sakurai siblings(Aisuke, Andrew, Adam) all screamed in surprise as the most feared person appeared from no where like how Adam appeared from no where.

"It's you! It's you!!! IT'S YOU!!!!!" the Sakurai siblings screamed loudly.

No. It wasn't Lucifer or whoever is evil. It was instead, Daere Hikari, the cousin of Kouyuu Ikeda! -insert high-pitch scream right here- -insert manically laughter here-

"No." Daere looked down when he heard Kouyuu say that. "We don't need you although you can be here to watch. No. All I need is Andy and...a gold ring."


"Andy...wait. Did you just call me Andy again!!?? Stop calling me that!!!!" Andrew exclaimed. Everyone ignored him.

"Yes. Where can I find a gold ring?" Kouyuu asked.

"Here." Aisuke handed Kouyuu a gold ring which had appeared from no where.

"Hey! How did you get that?" Daere asked.


"Thanks." Kouyuu then handed it to Andrew, ignoring the conversation that had just happened. "Now...I want you to propose to her."

There was a three second silence.3...2...1.... "WHAT!?!?!?!?"

Kouyuu winced at thevery loud exclamation and repeated herself. "I want you to propose to her."


"It's the only way Andy...." Kouyuu said, knowing that Andrew will cave in sometime.

Andrew ignored the nickname. "Argh fine. I will."

Kouyuu smirked rather evilly. "Wonderful. Now here's what we're gonna do...."


Andrew sighed as he looked at the gold ring in his hand and was walking towards the Heart of the Storm aka where Destiny was "killing" off the fangirls in a blinding rage.

"How did I get into this mess?" he asked himself softly.


"Andrew...first...I want you to kiss her. Then when she's in a daze, pull her outside and propose to her." Kouyuu ordered.

"But I don't wanna!!!" he whined.

Kouyuu glared at him. "Do you want the police to come?" Before Andrew could even speak, she quickly said, "Good. Now go kiss her!" and she pushed him towards the Heart of the Storm.

Flashback Ended

"I need to learn to say no to Kouyuu." he muttered. "Or else it can lead to my downfall....pretty soon...."

He then found himself in front of the Battle. He took a giant deep breath and walked inside the large cloud of dust which was from the Battle. He went through the dust and coughed when he inhaled some. He looked around and spotted a brunette girl heading towards him.

"Please! Andrew, you gotta stop Dest! She's getting out of control!!!" she said before rushing the hell out of the Battle Cloud of Dust. Andrew sweatdropped at what had happened and walked forward the theeye of the tornado. In other words, Destiny. For she was the center of what was happening. Even though the eye of the tornado is much more calm than the outside. In their case, it was the exact opposite.

Now it wasn't exactly hard tracking where Destiny was. You see the fangirls and you know that she will be behind them. And that was what Andrew did. He located the fangirls and hurried towards Destiny.

"Destiny!!!" he shouted as he ran.

Destiny stopped chasing after the fangirls manically and the fangirls saw this chance to run away. They quickly escaped and, luckily for them, Destiny's attention was focused on her boyfriend.

"What?" she asked, walking slowly towards Andrew. The sword in her hands had somehow become a bow and arrow. Andrew noticed and raised an eyebrow at that but didn't say anything. "Andrew?"


"What is it?"

The boy sighed when he remembered what he was suppose to do when he was in front of Destiny. Before Destiny could repeat her comment, she found Andrew's lips on her own. Her eyes went wide in shock even though she should be used to this by now. Her eyes soften as she relaxed and she closed them. Andrew deepened the kiss and then remembered what he was suppose to do.

But do I need to do that anymore? I mean....I got Destiny out of her daze or should I say crazy pyscho chasing spree..... Andrew thought. He pulled away and grabbed Destiny's wrist. "Come on." and walked off with Destiny wondering where they were going.


Aisuke, Daere, Adam, and Kouyuu had seen the fangirls come out earlier before from the Heart of the Storm. Aisuke, Adam, and Daere were worried that Andrew might become a new ingredient for the soil. Kouyuu was just bored and was eating her chocolate. She was nearly done.

"Hope they're alright...." Adam whispered.

"I hope Andrew's alright...." Daere countered.

"I hope our gym's going to be alright....." Aisuke said, worried about the gym's state.

"I hope I can get more chocolate....." The three looked at Kouyuu with shock written all over her face. "What?"

The three shook their head. They all knew about Kouyuu's addiction to chocolate. It was something that they simply couldn't cure. "Nevermind.....You just love chocolate too much....."

Kouyuu popped three Hershey's chocolate Kisses in her mouth and shrugged, not really caring. The three sighed as they knew it was a hopeless cause. Then they saw Andrew running towards them with Destiny struggling to keep up.

"Finally." Kouyuu muttered, biting off the head of a mint chocolate shaped like bear.

"Poor poor bear....." Aisuke said, watching Kouyuu eating the chocolate.

"So did you do it?" Adam asked, ignoring what Aisuke had said about the chocolate piece.

Andrew looked at him, confused before realizing what his younger brother meant. "Yea. Only the kissing part though. Not the second part."

"Sad." Kouyuu said, drinking some Sprite which was from her backpack. "I was looking forward to the ceremony." She put the soda back in her backpack and continued eating her chocolate. The candies were left untouched and for Aisuke, Adam, and Daere to devour.

"Ceremony?" Destiny repeated. "What ceremony?"

"Oh nothing. It was part of the plan to snap you out of your faze." Kouyuu replied.

"What was the plan?" Destiny asked.

"Trust me. You don't wanna know." Andrew stated.







"But why--"

"N-O!! WHAT DON'T YOU GET IN THE WORD NO!?!?!?" Andrew yelled.












Aisuke, Adam, and Daere looked at the two back and forth as if they were watching a tennis match. The two didn't know who to root for. They both had good arguments.

Kouyuu shook her head. "Andy, just do the second part. Might make Des less mad at you and you were going to do it anyway...You kept telling me when was the right time."

Andrew sighed. "Fine." He got out the gold ring and kneeled down in front of Destiny. "Destiny Takahashi...." There was a pause for dramatic effect. "...will you marry me?"

Destiny stared at him in disbelief. She exchanged looks with her friends. "Is this a joke?" They shook their head and she turned her attention back at Andrew. "Yes." Tears built up at her eyes. "Yes I will marry you...."

Andrew stood up and smiled. He slipped the ring on Destiny's ring finger and was thrown back by Destiny who had attacked him with a hug. Three of their four friends and the viewers clapped and cheered. One(guess who) just continued eating chocolate even though she was smiling as well.

"But aren't we a little too young to get married?" Destiny asked, letting go of her boyfriend-now-fiance.

"We can always wait. This way...no one can tear us apart...hopefully." Andrew added sheepishly.

Destiny grinned and hugged him again. Everyone but Kouyuu 'aww'ed while the said girl only smirked at the scene. Destiny and Andrew walked out of the gym, holding hands with Aisuke, Daere, and Adam walking out after them. Kouyuu shook her head and walked out as well.

"I knew they will get together..." Kouyuu murmured. "It was only a moment's time...."

And everyone had a happily ever after ending. Well...almost everyone.


Ah poor principal and custodian. They will have a hard time clearing up this mess.....