When I first noticed you

passing through my weekend's time

there was still so much

anger, hurt, distrust inside.

To you I was attracted,

but damn it would not show.

I was so cold and longing

to just be left alone.

My thoughts would sometimes wander

I'd think about going up to you.

But memories I couldn't forget

had me scared, to tell the truth.

Somehow, someday, you came to me

unexpected as you were.

You said hi, my name's CT

that meeting was our first.

In the beginning, it was so awkward

I didn't know how to start

and I stayed quiet, smiled a little

so guarded was my heart.

From the time you came to me,

to the first time that I called

I thought about you constantly.

I was curious to a fault.

At first I was sure it wouldn't work,

every answer I gave was no.

I was afraid to be broken again

I didn't let my feeling show.

I was so stubborn, then and now

Even today I cannot find

what you did, or said to me

that made me change my mind.

In the end I called you back

I said I'd thought it through.

What I'd wanted to say all along

was yes, I want to be with you.

Since then you've gotten so close to me

closer than any other.

You wonder often why I chose you

but I'd never have another.

All that's in my heart to give

I'd gladly give to you,

and though we disagree sometimes

I'd never say we're through.

Of all the things that I don't say

passing quickly through my mind,

the things I feel most strongly

are the ones so deep and real inside.

Like when I tell you that I love you

it's more than just that "you".

I love your words, your eyes, your heart

the funny things you do.

The way you laugh, or yell sometimes

or show me that you care

or how you tease me, night and day.

Your loveliness is rare.

Even when the times aren't great

or our visits far apart

I'd never trade our love away,

so happy is my heart.