Hi I'm pleaidian princess. This is a poem about red mages my faverite class in the Final Fantasy seris. Enjoy!!

Red Mage

I'm not good nor evil.

I hurt and heal.

I use black and white magic.

I can learn all spells.

I'm not loved nor am hated.

For that's why I wear red the color of passion and furry.

I have no strengths and no weaknesses.

I worry about my stats all day and night.

I wear robes along with plate mail.

I can pick up any weapon and fight.

I just fight not for good and not for evil.

For I'm neutral like a neutron in an atom.

I have no friends and no foes.

I can't love and I can't hate.

Yet, I have a soul.

I worship no gods.

Yet I have faith in divine beings.