was love here?

can we talk? from that question, a cute story started, you was the person that I needed to feel saved and no so lost as days went by, suddenly I stopped to feeling emptiness.

it was an afternoon when you searched for me for a date, I couldn't believe it, I agreed to go although I didn't knew where we would go.

it was weird, we just walked across park, the silence was annoying, shit! I wondered how many hours we would stay on that way.

do youfeel cold? the sudden question from your voice, the question got me nervous, shy, blushed, I nodded simply, so you put your arm around my waist.

I talked you, you never seemed to listen but you knew what I felt for you and that was enough for me although I didn't know if you corresponded to my feelings.

was love here? what can I know? but I was sure, I'm sure, I'll be sure.... you were here, you're here, you'll be here.

patience will be my ally, I won't try to change your mind, someday.... will you say me you love me?

meanwhile I won't dream of you, 'cause you aren't unreal.

happy christmas to you!