how high?

the twilight is leavin' like yesterday

but I don't feel the same

something changed or I changed

the sun remains there

and the clouds too

but something failure

(I couldn't recover)

you are not, perhaps....

disagreement, incredulity about so many lies

you knew that was true

it's so much pain to understand

the momentary one union tones down

we made bubbles rise to explode

our secrets are discovered

what will we do?

how high

we could fly without wings?

how along

we would go without address?

how high

we would climb if we look downwards?

how be

being without love?

drop the mug full of tears

they water to make a heart with no owner

it's so much pain to hold

forgettin' the first kiss

we've built an armor to undress us

so see you, see me

what will we do?

we played hidden

you catched me

I found you.