The cool air of the north swept across the frozen arctic land to the high mountain passes covered in layers of untouched snow. The air smelled sweet and fresh like the pine trees peaking from their winter burial, standing in the shadows of the ancient spruce trees, their frozen tops wavering in the night sky. Magical lights of many colors swarmed high above the trees moving slowly like snakes, illuminating the darkness better than the moon and stars ever could. Below, in the darker shadows of the Mountain, stood a beast as white as winter, its thick fur reflecting the colors in the sky above as if almost turning those colors itself.

It stood upon a large smooth rock covered in a thin layer of ice surrounded by neighbouring spruce. The creature's gaze took in the frozen pond below and the large empty forest. Farther away in the distance more lights could be seen. Street lights from a small town and the slightest stench of human flesh and fecal matter, polluted by the sweet smells of the forest and other plant life.

So deep in the wild where humans were few she felt somewhat at ease, and for once-free. Never was she fully at peace, waking each night to find herself alone. Alone with the memories that haunted her by day and by night, both awake and sleeping. Memories of a horrible loss that her heart could not bare, and that even after so many lonely years, she could not fathom the depth of that pain that ran so deep within her.

Never was the night silent, as many humans may think. To her ears she could hear the crunching of snow under boots. By the sound of it she knew whoever was coming was slightly heavier than average and had good footing in snow so deep. Slowly she moved into the shadows of the trees still standing upon the rock as if she ruled the land around her. In truth she did, no creature could rival her strength or match her furry and it was likely that she would never come across someone who could.

A human form appeared below, clad in black clothing that did little to protect him from the cold. Outwardly he did not show that he was bothered by the freezing temperatures, but she knew he was. He was an older human, that much was clear. His hear was slightly grey, and balding at the top. His eyes were dark and weary from a man who had lived through much turmoil. They were also cold and uncaring, eyes only focused on his objective, and oblivious to anything else. His face showed signs of aging, wrinkles on his forward, crows feet around his eyes and a drooping mouth from the lack of laughter. His voice was as hard as the look in his eyes when he spoke, stopping at the edge of the pond and watching her watching him.

"Bring me Selene, Lone Wolf. I wish to speak with her." He demanded with forced determination.

Her yellow golden eyes watched him with the lack of expression, boring into his. The wind ruffling her fur almost turning her white fur into the vast colors fluttering above her. She was a tall wolf, and much more muscular than her cousins. In fact of her own mysterious bread, she was the last that existed, and though sad that she was, she was also proud that she was a surviving, making her that much stronger.

"You can't run from us forever Selene." He said in an exasperated tone. After a moment of no results he sighed. "Bring her out Lone Wolf."

Another long moment passed and the wolf did nothing. She kept his gaze, eye for eye with no intention to obey him. She was a wild free creature, and no human was going to try to control her again. Selene rose from deep inside of her, raining on the Wolf's parade by drawing the wolf back into the deep shadows of her mind. Darkness encompassed the wolf for a moment and a few seconds later it was not the wolf who stood upon the outcrop, but a woman comfortably naked in her skin. shielded by the shadows of the trees around her. All the human was able to see was her long white hair and glowing yellow eyes. For some reason, unlike other Lycans, she still bore the feral eyes of her sister in the darkness in human form.

"The time has come Selene. You are requestedto meet with the council on the matter dealing with..."

"The Vampires." She murmered dully before he managed to say the word himself. She tilted her head to the moon in the night sky, counting the estimated days silently in her head. She almost shivered, but not because of the cold touching her skin.

"You are one of the select few to join together..." He was saying, keeping his arms uncrossed though the cold was a bitter thing. His eyes roamed the darkness, but mostly remained upon her.

"So finally after all this time you and your kin decide to stop ignoring my existence?" She asked in mock surprise. She turned her gaze back towards him as if just seeing him in a new light. The wolf wanted to just leave with her tail high in the air, but Selene kept her still. After a few more moments the Wolf gave a slight snort in the darkness and quieted down, remaining silent as if it were asleep.

"We did not ignore you Selene." He sighed again. She almost smiled knowing that he was cornered and that anything he said could be used against him. "I am sure you don't really desire to be alone. The last of your dying kind?"

Selene arched an eyebrow. Her voice was still level, if somewhat heavy. "What if I do wish to be alone?" She asked, not really wanting an answer. She then added. "Besides, I am not your kind, as you are not mine, and never will be."

She was annoyed with his constant sighing as he did so again, this time not as fake and half-hearted as the last couple. "Here are the tickets to L.A. Be wary of the humans, they have grown strong. Technology has given them the ability to destroy us now. We believe the Vampires may have allied with some of the humans, but we are not certain." He scratched his head for a moment before continuing. "You know where to go from there if you remember our last meeting." She let out a growl that sounded much more than a wolf than it did a human. He continued again as if he did not notice. "Whatever your choice, we hope you do make an appearance."

The Council Member left walking oddly down the rarely trodded path back to the nearest town. White sharp pearly teeth gleamed in the light towards his retreating form as the Lone Wolf took one last howl in her ending freedom.

Sneak Peak!

The prologue introduces the character, but the story takes place a year later-2012

Selene awakens inside a lab of a run down factory inside of New York after a failed assasination on her part. Unaware to her she is a part of a military project. A none legalized Military project who feels they can tame and utilize the Lycans. Will their cruel ways kill her? Or will she be able to escape? Find out in the next chapter coming soon!