-::-::- Already The Past -::-::-

I can feel myself falling
Walls crash down around me
Someone come and catch me quick
Someone please help me see

What's going on around me
I see us falling apart
And I don't even know
Where it ends or it starts

Come catch me now, I'm falling
Slowly slipping through the cracks
Why can't we just somehow
Get the friendship we had back?

Cause I know there's something wrong here
So why can't I understand?
I think I have it all figured out
Please give in to my demands.

Why can't we go back in time,
Erase the past that's wrong?
What the Hell has happened here
To make this last so long?

And I know the problem's not my own
That I'm outside and shouldn't hurt
I know that I'm not always right
And I am no expert

But what is so wrong with this,
That we can't work it out?
What the Hell has happened here,
Do we even know what it's about?

And if none of us understand
Then how can we be wrong or right
And why is it that we can't end
This pointless lasting fight?

Don't take your friends for granted.
Please try to make it last.
Because if we can't pull together,
Then what we had is already in the past.