by battousai24

Something is pulling at the corner of my mind
It's urging me, coaxing me to enter the dark
I can hear the shadows whispering
I can hear the silence roar in the recesses of my soul

Heaven would forsake me if it could see me now
I have you beneath me, bleeding your life away
Your spirit still lingers in the realm as I wait
As I wait for your return, As I watch you open your eyes

I can feel hands clawing on my back
The blood seeps through the broken skin
I can hear it slowly dripping down
I can hear the wounds weeping in the coolness of the night

Angels would swarm around me if they knew what I have done
I have taken you beneath me, sinning and selling your soul away
Your breath still hitches as your glittering chest rises
It rises as you breath in, It falls when you breath out

All thoughts start to escape me and my mind
My body only feels something within me
I can feel the tingling feeling it brings
I can feel the fangs tearing up my skin

The world starts to blur and soon it disappears
My eyes tune out, turning inside out
I can see the shadows shift from beneath me
I can see the heavens fall, Fall as I take you, take you with me

I can hear the rushing footsteps
I can sense the shadows looming above
I can taste the sweetness in my mouth
I can feel shudders shaking my heart

I can see the blood dripping
I can taste the ripped out flesh
I can hear the silent screaming
I can smell the musky air

I can feel it slowly ending
I can feel eyes slowly close
I can see you beneath me
I can feel the dripping end