The Melody

Packing up our memories,
following that melody
with changes around each corner
(along with secrets)
leaving it all behind
as the car rolls down the road
and the life we knew
disappears as we see the city
full of lights and intrigue
and those mysteries
and we begin to unpack
the memories from the life before,
adding a bit of spice to each
as they melt
in with the changes,
changing, changing, changing
the pace of our melody
until it returns
like it was, with parts in between
of the new life,
but it will always have
the old life in the background.

Author's Note: Another assignment for poetry. I know, it's crazy, I'm doing homework before the day that it is actually due. But this time the assignment was to listen to a song, be inspired, and write. (It's a crappy class.) So I listened to Chopin's Mazurka Opus 17, No. 4 and wrote this. It's a beautiful song, I recommend you to go to Yahoo!, look up "Chopin Maxurka Opus 17", scroll down a little until you find the one that says something about a MIDI Collection, find No. 4 and play it.