He sat down at his desk after teaching second period music theory to a bunch of high schoolers who really didn't want to be there, yet needed the credit to graduate. Why not take a subject on music by their favorite band teacher? they all thought.

He looked at the news paper he had bought on his way to school that morning, from the same little kid trying to make some money by selling newspapers for the local Speed Way for fifty cents. He had bought one, just as usual, if not because he felt bad for the kid but so his students would have something to read during their study halls.

But today, today it was different. He looked down at the news paper, feeling like he should do something other than just let his students read it. After taking two ibuprofen for the headache he could feel coming on, the bell rung for third period study hall. Sure enough, he counted to ten and that all too familiar voice was asking for the paper.

He was about to hand it over when he felt that void get even stronger and said, "sorry, Tyler, not today, I feel as if I'm missing something." Tyler just quirked an eyebrow before shrugging and going back into the band room to study for his Trig test fifth hour.

He started flipping through the paper before finally coming across a picture of a person with a huge smile. 'She looks familiar,' he thought as he continued on through the paper. After going through the entire paper, he still had a feeling somewhere inside of him that something wasn't right.

Going back to the page with the girl on, his heart immediately dropped. He knew she looked familiar, now why couldn't he place her? He noted that the feeling started to go away as he started to read:

Police have recently been informed of the disappearance of a teenage girl, Chelsea Anne. She disappeared late Sunday night and hasn't been heard from since. Should anyone know of the whereabouts, or have any information regarding Chelsea please call...

And the article continued with the phone number and description on Chelsea, but he need not read any further on. Chelsea was one of his most talented musical students (not that he played favorites) and his main goal was to not let anyone in band find out that she had disappeared.