you lie underneath skies
of dawn
watching the sky
squeeze out orange desert
through the tops of cactus
brimming the day with gold

you inhale the early morning
drink of fresh fresh life
while listening to
the heartbeat of desert frogs
underneath you
like an ancient chant
the land pregnant with life

as the clouds collide
raining hot liquid
upon the roots of desert flowers
pink and vibrant
laced with yellow
its fragrance
spraying the air with mist
as time sweeps the ground
settling into dark

and you shine like ultraviolet light
even through the darkest nights
eyes wide
as the stars flicker on
attacking the dark
with a swarm of tinker lights
shooting stars
leaving a scar
against the sky
night time suicide
and you watch
as magic dances on your eyelids
and stardust settles on your skin
as your fire slowly dies