Your scent that still lingers on all of my clothes

A place that I wish I had never exposed

Your pulse is an image I can't just erase

Your fingertips icy and full of such grace

I think of those memories that easily fade

The grasp I try to keep is sliding away

Your figure is such a colossal extreme

One with mine always, do I still dare to dream

Our bodies so cold and so aimlessly true

My heartbeat is rapid as I lay with you

You know it; you feel it, but say not a word

How easily lost in your words that seem slurred

But please clasp my hand in yours, tell me you're mine

Your head on my chest is the only true sign

Oh love is this real, are your intentions false?

This game just a cleverly constructed waltz

Simple yet deadly with a poison you strike

Someone so different, but somehow so alike

Watching you lay here, your warm breath on my neck

Your hand on my heart as we face the train wreck