The colors of heaven eked across the horizon with dramatic flare, flaming reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, and the faint tinge of purple as if the sky itself was a canvas to be painted on. They all melted into one another, brushed and swirled, expertly smudged and smoothed to create a sunset that never remained the same. As the sun slowly sunk into the sea, the beach crowds dispersed, offended at the fact that they could no longer sun bathe, and the tide was slowly lurking its way up the shoreline. A couple could be seen walking along the ever-changing boundaries between the turquoise sea and the soft sand that gave way beneath their feet. Anyone could see they were in love.

The way she playfully punched his arm and he grinned a boyish grin that created dimples in his cheeks. The way he ruffled her light brown curls that caused her to frown with great effort, until it was more a cute pout than a truly unhappy turn of her wind-kissed lips. Each of their eyes sparkled, his with more mischief just before he attempted to push her into the glassy waves. She shrieked and managed to push him in instead, laughter bubbling up at the comical expression of shock on his face. He held out his hand for her to help him back up out of the water, but instead pulled her in right along with him. They laughed and sat there for awhile.

As the sun began to sink further into the calming sea, the two changed their position from in the water to on the beach. She leaned her head on his shoulder as they watched the light disappear.

To most, all of the above were certain acts of their attraction to one another, and obvious chemistry. But you see, everyone was aware of their love for each other but them. They had always behaved the way they did on a daily basis, but neither of them had ever reached the conclusion that they were ever a couple. In fact, she had just broken up with her boyfriend, one of many. He hadn't dated anyone, but seemed content with the fact.

When questioned about their relationship, both of them were adamant that they were simply friends, nothing more. No one believed them, but they stuck firm with their argument.

"Wanna know something?" he asked with a lazy smile, his eyes never leaving the slowly darkening horizon.

"What?" she asked, easily amused by the expression on his face.

"My butt is wet." He stated seriously.

She cracked a smile. "I wonder why?"

"No, seriously," he went on. "My butt is really wet." There wasn't much sympathy given to him. "And I think half the beach is in my pants. It's really uncomfortable." He mused.

"Well, you brought it on yourself." She stated with a small amused smile gracing her lips.

"I bet you I could get you in the water again."

She stared at his mischievous expression with a look of skepticism. "You wouldn't dare."

Before she could react, he had jumped up and was hauling her to her feet. She laughed and kicked and screamed, and managed to get free, only to be chased by him. When he finally caught up with her, he picked her up and hoisted her over his shoulder, ignoring any protests that she made.

"If you don't put me down on the ground, I'm going to tell your mom about the party you had last week while she was away!" she threatened from her awkward position.

He paused just as they reached the water.

"What is that? The third time you've had a party without her permission? Maybe four. Maybe she'll ground you for a year!"

"You wouldn't tell my mother." He said with surety.

"And why not?"

He grinned. "Because you like me far too much."

She made a face, but he couldn't see it. Instead, at her pause, he tickled the sole of her foot, the only spot that could set her into giggles at the slightest touch. She shrieked again, and flailed from her position.

"Admit you like me!" he yelled.

"Never!" she yelled with an ancient kind of stubbornness he was used to.

He tickled her all the more.

"Fine! I'll admit it!" she finally gasped after several struggling minutes.

He laughed and set her down onto the sand, an expectant look on his face.

She sighed. "Alright. I admit it. I like you, Mr. Lane."

He grinned the boyish grin. "Funny," He couldn't help but tuck a wayward wavy curl behind her ear. "I don't like you at all." The way he said it had meant to be a joke, but it came out sounding far too serious, though not in a negative way.

They stood staring at each other for a few long minutes. Something in his eyes was different, softer. She'd never noticed it before, or perhaps she had been too busy with other boys to notice it. He'd been her constant companion, the boy she ran to, her rock. There had never been anything more than that, though several rumors had been spread. Now, with his warm breath on her face, smelling of mint, all she could think about was why she had never noticed him before.

He, too, saw an expression in her face, one that had never graced her features when she was with him. There had always been that initial attraction that he'd kept at bay, waiting for the right time to make his feelings known. He was her knight, but she'd never seen him that way; she'd always just seen him as her best friend. Best friends weren't supposed to feel attraction. Why then were they both staring with a look that conveyed every emotion he had felt for her over the years?

He licked his suddenly dry lips, still locked in the gaze that held them not five inches apart. She noticed the action, and slowly, gently, reached up and brushed her fingers lightly against his wetted mouth. Her own lips soon followed, closing the space between them until, if one was to gaze at the shoreline, they would only see one shadow cast against the sand.

A/N: I must be PMSingā€¦all this cheese and sap is horrible. All the while I am working on other chapters and such. Initially I was hoping to make this into a slightly longer short story (perhaps a two part piece) but I haven't finished it, so I shall leave you with this. The rest might or might not happen, but you never know. Feedback is greatly appreciated!