A/N: I can't figure out how to fix the format, I'm hoping it dosen't take too much away from the poem, and if anyone has help, please tell me. Anyways, wrote this about Lexy, one of my best friends. She moved, and I miss her, so that's what this is about. R&R me, I'll R&R you. Keep writing.



Kodak Pictures 12/28/05

I miss you...
So I flip through photo albums
And try to remember until it hurts
And I try to forget but that dosen't work
Because all of these thoughts in my head
Keep going back to what you said
/I want to be close, but there's too much mileage/
You said it was dumb, I think it was true
I didn't know how much I'd miss you
And in the back of my insane, ignorant mind-
I told myself that we would be fine
Not like those other friendships that fade away
Not like those other friendships that just slip away
No, we're different, we're us, I claimed...
But since you've been gone it's not the same
((I'm not the same)) and it's all sounding so cliché
That I never wanted to say it at all but it seems
I have to because I'm going to fall and maybe ((maybe?))
You could help but your Kodak picture just dosen't count

And I can see it and ((almost)) hear your voice
Reassuring me that it'll be alright but I just can't
Hear it sometimes and tonight I wish you were here because
You make reality seem almost real
And you're good at telling me
To relax and kick back but sometimes
It's real hard to do that
Especially since you're gone and right now it hurts
I only hope I see you before it gets worse
Because sometimes
I think there's a hole in my heart where you were before
You went so far ((away)) and it's aggravating that you're not
Coming back today because I wish
I could've seen you one more time

To try and say the perfect goodbye
Because saying it and seeing it
Are two different things, when I watched you drive away
My eyes began to sting. I didn't know what to do
Except get inside and ever since then
I've wanted to cry but everyone tells me you're coming back And until that happens I should relax
Because once I see you they'll know I'll be fine
But right now I don't feel so great-
And those pictures just don't seem to help
It's like your Kodak picture just dosen't count...