When Bad Habits Look Good

I love it when bad habits look good
and they look so-so-so good on you,
it may be bitter but it's also sweet
like a cat with a mouse, trapped
under your claws. Here's a secret:
I love it when you hold me like that.
Hey, boy, I admire your composure
when all we do is get closer
and my eye shadow is dark, it rubs
off on you, in contrast with my eyes.
I love it when you make me laugh
until I can't breathe, it's so-so-so
constricting in a good way, like
breathing in when I am around you.
The moment I lost with every face
but all I want to see is you
holding your cigarette, walking away
because I made that mistake, listen,
I regret it but you just turn and say,
"I loved it when bad habits look good."