A/N:This is actually a year old, but Ionly found it recently. I wrote it while sitting on my sister's rooftop in NYC on New Years Eve.

Alone on my rooftop,

I hear the distant sounds of Times Square.

The night is clear,

yet no stars are seen;

the light of the city obscures them.

I miss the island,

not noisy or crowded,

but silent and deep,

under a starry August sky,

unlike this bleak December

where I hear horns and sirens

in place of the sound

of the loons on the lake

as it washes

against the shore of my island,

and I peacefully sleep in my cabin

with the breath of my friends about me,


of the promise held by the dawn.

Here I sit alone,

shivering in the cold night air,

waiting for a new year,

thinking of my friends,

dreaming of my love.