That was the last time I let you walk all over me

Then act like everything's alright when its not

Why can't you just see it from my point of view?

See how much I actually love you

You know me better than anyone here

You know I would never hurt you if I had the choice

Then why can't you see I never wanted to hurt you?

See how much I do actually trust you

I'm not pretending I didn't do anything wrong

But I need you to know so did you

I never want to let you down again

But sometimes you give me no choice

Now I am regretting all I said

And I feel like the bad guy again

For never trusting you to begin with

But I do and I never meant to say it

So I am just trying to say I am sorry for all I have or haven't done

I am sorry for letting you down for just a moment

I just want to talk to you to tell you everything's ok

But seen as I don't know what's going on I can't, But

I can't talk to you till you ask me too

So please just call me to tell me you love me too

I want to trust you so much

But you need to trust me too.