I never wanted to hurt you

I wanted it all to be fine

I needed you to trust me

I cared about what you thought

But now I think you've let me down

Everything's a mess

I feel like you don't give a fuck

That everything's not all right

This is all I ever needed, trust me please

You knew that I needed you to

I hate you and just the thoughts hurt so much

Even talking to you will kill me slowly but

Just all those thoughts and memories

Is murder to my heart

Never knew how you could break it so easily

With just a few lousy words

I needed your trust so much it is so much more than you know

This isn't all right anymore

I don't know if I can pick up my phone

I needed your trust you weren't willing to give

So now I'm going to say goodbye to all those thoughts

As I bleed myself to death with your name on the blade

All I needed was your lousy trust

You couldn't even give that away