coupons for those with personalities past their expiry date

If you want an opinion, you can buy it from me,
we're having a sale next Saturday
(remember, we're open from 10 until 3)
but it's on select items only.

My bedroom is full of things,
and memories,
but mostly things that I've bought.
And you know it costs a lot,
costs a lot of money to be yourself these days.

So come one, come all – come join the craze!

See how it's just so much fun to
worry-worry-worry all day
and every day,
about what you do and say;
about what they will think and say
when you're not in the room.

Well, I found Jesus for only $12.99
and let him keep the change
(he looked like he needed it).
So I think I'm looking cool,
yeah, pretty cool right now.


Just like those faceless mannequins
standing taciturn in a storefront window,
staring out at me.


(notes: purely experimental. rhyming scheme, what rhyming scheme? somewhat similar to its predecessor 'Half Price Suicides'.

soundtrack – System of a Down 'Lost in Hollywood'.

constructive criticism wanted/needed.)