OK, this was sitting on the floor in my room. I thought that you people might like to have a look at it. This is only an introduction to the real story. It is not a prologue; I have one of those, too. This ismore like what you would find on the back cover of a book, like a summary, almost. OK, ERR, and tell me if I should work on it and post the suff I already have. Please? :)

Oh, and note that there IS ONE curse word in here, but I'm fairly certain that this is the only one. If not, then I will say when they are coming up. It is the last word in this intro, so avoid it if you want. Sorry if I offended anyone.


Zora Ink: Vampress of the Night


A vampire royal fell in love with a mortal who couldn't be changed. I am their child.

Half human, half vampire. Shunned by the Vampire Court for being a half-blood and shunned by the human world for the same reason.

Mother dead, father soon after. No one left in the world for me.

I take my revenge on the worlds who turned their back to a full-blooded royal of both Vampire and Human race.

No past and a dark future. I am the shadows. I walk alone and trust no one.

I blend in anywhere. I can hide my fangs when in human company. I can turn my eyes violet in the Vampire Courts. No one suspects until too late.

I come in shadows and I leave in the mist. All I can say is you better watch out. The world isn't prepared for the likes of me.

I walk alone and I will find all of you, no matter where you hide.

Run, I dare you. I move with the wind and I bet you can't.

I have cursed the world that gave me nothing and left me for dead. And I have cursed all the forsaken peoples on it. May God have mercy on your soul, for I will show none. See you in Hell.