Your words tell me that
There's something going on
But now, after all is said and done
What is there to prove to me
That there's something there?
I don't know where
I stand with you
And maybe I just
Shouldn't think so much about
All of these thoughts
Running through my head.
I guess there are a lot of
Questions that need to be asked
And answers that need to be
Given to each of us
So that we can better understand
Because right now I have
No idea where I am
With you
Or if I ever will be
It scares me
I don't want to hurt you
But I think I just might have
Already done that
So now the nights go by
When I just sit and talk
With you
Hoping that things are ok
But not wanting to bring it up
With you
Because I'm scared that you
Don't want to talk about it
And partly because I'm
Scared to talk about it
So I let the music wash over me
And let the nightly conversation
Overtake my thoughts
So that I don't
Think about you
As much as I used to.
Maybe I'm making this up now
And I don't really feel as
Strongly about it as it seems
But as I write these words
I feel something
And I'm not sure what it is
But the more I say
The more I feel that I'm
Screwing it up
So for now I think that I'll just

I wrote this at 9 in the morning. Forgive me for the weirdness sounding of it. I have no idea what I mean by all this, so don't even try to ask me if I'm ok.