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I'm beginning to worry about my sanity for the first time in my whole freaking life. Yes. The FIRST time in my 13 years of being alive. I can't believe I've never worried about it before.....

You can go on while I ponder on that subject.

An Icy Heart

The rain fell all around me. But I don't care. I just wished for your warmth around my cold body once more.

I had longed for someone who can break the icy demeanor around my personality. Someone who can break the barrier between the world and my heart. Just someone.

And then I met you.

Your smile brightened the room you were in. I couldn't stop thinking about you ever since you first talked to me on the first day of your time at school. Your bright red hair was hard to miss and your red brown eyes only made you cuter. I can't believe that you're actually gone. The light of the darkness gone so quickly.

I looked down on the stone grave that belongs to you. I smiled ruefully yet happy that I had told you that I had loved you since I first saw you. And you had returned it. I was happy and that was the first time in my life in which I had been truly happy. The day we shared out first kiss was the greatest day of my whole entire life. The greatest day in my life of pain and suffering.

Tears threatened to fall from my eyes but I don't exactly care. My life had finally begun when I first met you. I placed a single white rose on the grave. I looked at the girl beside me. She smiled grimly at me and held up the black rose she was meant to bring. I nodded and she placed it on top of the rose I had placed, making a X with the two roses. It was a daily ritual and tradition that started because of you. I placed the beautifully craved box that was decorated with gold and placed it on the grave. Then I picked up the roses and placed them on the box. Do you remember this box? You had loved it and Kou-chan and I had bought it for you on your birthday. I still remembered your happy and excited expression. You had hugged the both of us and planted a kiss on my cheek. I had smiled on that day.

"Come on Aisu-kun. We should go now." I heard Kou-chan say.

"Hold on." My voice sounded weird and raspy. Like I haven't spoken in days. "I need to do something."

I didn't wait for a reply and I kneeled down. I took out a small box and opened it. Inside was a gold band ring with a ruby gem and a necklace with a ruby gem shaped like a heart with a pair of black crystal wings. These were your most treasured possessions. I placed them inside the box and got up. "Let's go."

Kou-chan nodded, pale blue eyes back to being emotionless but I could see a bit of the sorrow she held inside. She was like me, lonely and cold. She was afterall, my twin. I looked back at your grave for the last time that day. I wish you happiness, Aiyo-chan. The happiness I would once return to you....

I heard Kou-chan singing something. My lips twitched to a smile. I remembered that song for it was the song that you and her had made up together. Even though you had never understood the lyrics.

Flying freely through the clouds

I feel my sorrow and pain disappearing.

You were the light within my darkness.

The petals of the rose in which I loved.

You were the one who melt my once icy heart.

You were the one who had a place in my icy heart....

You were the one who saw the real me,

The one behind the icy heart in which I held.....