Ok... So I'm completly re-doing this story... And this is the start. It's short... I know...


Nov. 3, 2004

Local Teen Dies During Freezing Night

After becoming lost in the wooded area near his back yard yesterday, seventeen-year-old Eric O'Brien tragically lost his life due to the premature winter temperatures. Neighbors say the teen was playing with the family dog when it ran into the dense clump of trees, and Eric followed. "I watched the boy run in, and when he didn't back out I called the boys parents." States Anne-Marie Porter, who has lived next door to the O'Brien for many years. "It doesn't make a lick of sense," Larry Porter claims, "He was such a smart boy, sharp as a tack. I haven't a clue as to how he got himself lost."

The boy who had been reading the article with a particular interest chuckled sarcastically.

"Yeah, I 'haven't a clue as to how' either." He sighed heavily while crumpling the newspaper and tossing it into the nearest trash can. "Well, this frickin' sucks." Said Eric O'Brien as he slumped off into the darkness.