I was the boy who

came to your window late at night,

and helped you climb out

so we could go lie on a blanket

in the field behind your house.
You do remember me,

you may have me confused,

Its hard to imagine I was once

such a skinny, slobbering, clumsy boy,

who had trouble getting your jeans unzipped.

I remember your face

as the moon rose over the trees.

You were the most beautiful thing

I had ever seen in my life.

I wanted the sun to rise

so I could roll you over

and look at every part of you.

If love is measured

by how much it consumes,

I have never loved anything or anyone

as much as I loved you that night.
The only reason I left you that night

was to get you back into your bedroom

before your parents woke up

and found you missing

In a perfect world

we would still be two young lovers

locked together on a blanket lain on a grassy field

a warm summer breeze across my back

my heart beating so loud

I could barely hear you

whisper please in my ear.

Any night when I look up

and see a summer sky

with a full moon caught in a tree.

I am back on that blanket with you.

I had heard about it

I had read about it

I had imagined it a thousand times

but nothing had prepared me

for feeling of entering you for the first time

The fire in my spine burned through my brain

and I was melted in a cauldron

and poured into you

You gasped and I knew I had hurt you

but the fire was burning

through my back where your hands held me

and all I could do was open my mouth

and incinerate us both in the flames.

I held you so tight I was afraid you would break

but I could not let go or move

We were pressed together from our necks to our thighs

your breasts flattened against my hairless chest

I thought I would never move again

and be forever frozen to you

but the smell of your hair

and the sound of your breath

so close to my ear woke me from my from my sleep

I slowly pulled back

and your breath became a whimper

and again please

like a cry from a well

far away, yet so clear in my ear

drawing me back into you.

There we were, untaught and unschooled

young lovers, who knew nothing but each other

learning each other and making it up

Me thrusting into you at the urging

of your fingers in my hair

and your mouth knawing at my ear

pleading not to stop

not to ever stop

to hold you and fill you forever.

Forever is easy when time stops

Forever is your chin clamped to my shoulder

Forever is our mouths sealed

so there is only one breath between us

Forever is your arms and legs

wrapped around me

as I pick you up off the ground

and we fall back to earth

I will never stop

I will never let go

I will cling to you like precious life

not to be shook off

part of me will hold you forever

part of you will forever be in me.
And so suddenly I burst open

and you climb inside my ribs

to hold my heart

Oh sweet love, can you love me forever

Can you stay inside me forever

Can I feel you hold my heart forever.