The Voice Of Silence

By: ME!!! ((Which means that you can't have it))

The gist of this story is that Iorek is a wolf who hates everyone in the forest, and hates to hear all of the chipper chatter of the forest creatures. There is also a "witch" (one of the weird crazy characters) that puts a curse of silence on Iorek. Because of this curse, he can hear the creatures of the forest but they can not hear a word from him. The only creature immune to this curse is a pesky crow that coincidently knows just the cure! Stupid Crow, what is Iorek going to do now? And what could a talking rock have to do with everything?
Ok, this is not a chapter of this story, I have decided to take it down and redo the whole story; the main idea and the characters SHOULD be the same, but I might change some stuff… (I don't know if anyone liked the characters from the old version, but now that I look back on them, I realize just how retarded some of the characters are oops… run away imagination… oh well…)

Well, anyways, I originally wrote this story in 8th grade for English class, the only requirements for it where that it was to be a fable that taught a lesson. It should be fairly short, with shorter chapters and less then ten of them so if you like short, weird, and crazy stories that really don't make sense, then you've come to the right place!!!