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Deep, deep in the forest, past all signs of human inhabitants and life, there is a place where wild life and plants live together in harmony. The trees are thick, lush, and hundreds of years old. The streams flow twisting and meandering in and out of the foliage without a drop of pollution in their midst. The sun casts shimmering pools of light onto the lush green weaving below which in turn baths the ground in a warm green glow. Growing in this glow on the ground is a soft pillow of lush green grass blades and soft mosses along the edge of the streams. The bed of grass is broken every so often by flowers of every color and shape imaginable.

Not only plants are in this lush wonderland; there were also animals in it too. The friendly honey bees buzz and mingle as they collect the day's pollen from the flowers to take back to their nest which resides in the great hollow oak tree at the end of the next clearing. Colorful birds swoop, dart, dive and sing from the trees as if they are part of a never ending ballad. Rabbits munch on clovers by a stream, and a moose grazes in a far off meadow. A squirrel calmly sheds the outer casing of a walnut seed and proceeds to eat it while the minnows and fish in the stream's cool water move and twirl together to build a shimmering curtain of living color. Through out the whole beautiful picture, there is not a sharp edge to any of the plants and animals; all of the features and shapes of the area seem to flow into one another and blend together to form one being of grace and a sense of everything being majestic.

As the creatures of the forest went about their own business, a new animal came loftily down a mountain path from another area of the lush green forest. The animal was Iorek the wolf. Iorek was not a normal drab grey wolf but was a huge black beast. The black he bore on his hide was the black that seemed to absorb all light in the vicinity into itself. Other then the black fur, Iorek had one other color on his being, and that was the ice blue of his eyes.

The animals of the forest looked up sharply when Iorek stepped on a twig that was in the path and accidentally announced his presence. After the initial shock of being snuck up on, all of the fauna including the rabbit and the squirrel went back to their previous task whatever that might have been. None of them even had a thought of running and hiding pass their minds. This strange occurrence was because the creatures all knew that Iorek had eaten just that morning and would not be interested in any type of meat until at least the following morning. Then it would be a different story if they saw the black wolf coming. Some might think that this is strange, but the fauna of the area knew that all animals had to eat and the killing of one creature was only for survival and they all accepted it as a fact of life.

When Iorek realized that he had announced his presence with the snap of the twig, he grumbled and muttered something under his breath that none of the other animals could make out but could guess at the meaning of it quite easily. Chuckling to them, all of the animals except for one went back to their business, not paying Iorek anymore heed.

"Well hello there Iorek!" chimed the squirrel Mr. Nutters with good humor already knowing the response he would get from the foul tempered black beast.

"Shut up and go away you over sized rat," Iorek growled menacingly to Mr. Nutters as he stepped up to the tree where the squirrel was resting and bit at the air threateningly just inches from the tiny furred feet.

"Wow! Someone is in a bad mood, did you wake up on the wrong side of the den this morning?" responded a little blue jay as she fluttered down to perch on the branch of a bush just out of reach of the threatening jaws.

"Nah, he's in a good mood right now Blue Jay. If he was in a bad mood then he would have bit off Mr. Nutters' head instead of just snapping at the air, we all know he can move faster then lightning," replied a rabbit who was sitting against a tree on the other side of the clearing.

"Do you pathetic excuses for living creatures ever shut UP?" Iorek howled. After a few moments of thought to himself, the irritated wolf decided to take a new path to silence; maybe if he just ignored the dumb animals then they might, just might leave him alone for more then a few seconds. Once this thought was fully processed, Iorek attempted to calmly pad over to the chuckling stream to drink some of the cool water but the pests all around him were not about to give in so easily to him plan.

"What's wrong Iorek, don't you like to talk to us?" asked a mouse sitting on a rock, he tried to change his voice to that of a hurt voice but failed as he burst out into a little squeaky chuckle.

Iorek heard the question that the mouse uttered but chose to ignore it as he continued to drink from the cool sparkling mountain stream.

"Cat got your tongue Iorek?" taunted Mr. Nutters in his squeaky voice from high up in the tree now out of reach of snapping jaws.

Once again the jet black wolf ignored the animals at his back in a last attempt to block out all noise but he had had enough of their constant chatter. After he finished drinking, Iorek looked directly at the annoying squirrel and said in a low threatening growl which was actually directed to all of the fauna present along with those not present, "No, I do NOT like to talk to you! In fact, I wish I could not talk to ANY of you at all!" As the words left his throat, Iorek turned and made a stately, strutting exit up the same path from which he had come.

Just before he got out of hearing distance from the animals in the clearing, he heard all of them chuckling in his or her little voice which just served to infuriate him even further.