so this is all that's left

after all of that

three scars

that don't even

really count

since one of them

is covered

by your shirt

and the others

are small

and will fade

with time

your hair's starting

to grow back

as well as

your eyelashes

and you can already see

the shape of your eyebrows

even though

they still have to grow in


so no one

will ever have to know

about any of this

unless you want them to

unless you want them to know

about the lance armstrong thing

about how many times

you were carted

to the emergency room

generally in an ambulance

or about

how you could find your way


rainbow babies' and children's hospital


or on the other hand

about how you

made the all-A honor roll

(one out of five

eighth-grade students)

even though

you missed an average

of two days per week

because of chemo

or side effects

or a lovely ride

to the ER

or about

that one time

you threw up

in sixth period math

and your friend didn't care

even though

you're pretty sure

you'd be grossed out

if you were her

and called you later

at the hospital

and stayed on the phone

for two hours straight

even though

it was long distance

and you didn't say

one word

after all of that

after the whole

lance armstrong thing

only three scars

that don't even

really count

are left