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Chapter 6

I walked into the empty dark cabin and Devon shut and locked the door behind us. "Did you ever at any time think that you should have brought a flashlight from the car with us?" I asked him as my hands slid along the walls... I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face, much less see Devon. "Well, did YOU?" he shot back and I bit back a reply.

Moonlight sifted through the trees and illuminated the little cabin's living room, where we were... and the tiny kitchen where we were headed. "Thank God for the moon!" I whispered and snagged my fingers into Devon's belt loops so he would not stray far from me. He started to dig into the drawers in the dark kitchen and I took his hint and with one hand hooked firmly to his jeans, I searched the drawers on my side. We both came up with packs of matches and after Devon found a small lantern under the sink to light, things seemed to look up a bit.

We took the lantern from room to room and looked for candles, which we found many of since the cabin did not have any type of electricity at all... and just the general state of affairs there since we would both be spending the night. There was only one tiny bedroom and a small bathroom... and both seemed clean enough... just not very lived in for quite a while. I took matches from Devon and lit candles along our path as we moved from room to room. He even found another small lantern and lit it, placing it in the living room.

"I need to patch up that broken window somehow and get a fire started, Peyton... can you check outside on the back for wood while I fix the window?" he asked. I nodded... I felt a bit braver now and so I went out the back kitchen door and spied the wood by the back steps... stacked all nice and neat. I went back in and grabbed a heavily woven large basket by the fireplace and let Devon know I had found what we were looking for. Filling it quickly with wood... I ran back up the steps and shut and locked the back door. Devon had fit a piece of cardboard over the tiny broken pane and was waiting for me as I walked in with the wood.

"It's cold in here... are you very cold?" he asked me. "Yes but Devon... your shirt... here!' I said and reached around behind me... I had tucked his shirt into my back pocket after we entered the cabin... then forgot to give it back to him. He pulled the shirt over his head and moved to the fireplace to start the fire. By now I was shivering, my own adrenalin rush had kept me warm for the first moments we had walked the road and found the cabin but now the cold seeped into me, under my sweater and I shivered. I left him tending the fire, while I went in search of blankets of some type in the bedroom.

The full sized bed took up most of the space in the room and as I set my candle down on a small dresser, I looked into the closet and saw many blankets and quilts folded and stacked there. The bed had been stripped and I set to making it... not even thinking, just doing something to keep my mind and my hands occupied while Devon worked on getting the cabin warm.

Soon the bed was made... pillows fluffed and freshened as best I could do and I took two warm soft blankets into the living room to find Devon. He was finished with the fire... standing in front of it with his back to me... his hands in his pockets and I approached him from behind and placed a blanket around him. He startled and I gave him a squeeze from behind. "Sorry... I just found these and they'll keep off the chill until the fire gets going good." I said. "It won't take long, Peyton... this place is very small." he said and the glow of the fire got caught in his golden eyes... making me hold his gaze far too long.

"So... we're here for the night, eh?" he said and looked back into the fire. I only nodded and looked back at the sofa that lined the wall behind us. I backed up and pulled my blanket around me... going to sit on the sofa and wait for either sleep or warmth to find me. I toed off my boots and slid them to the side, then wrapped my legs around me and sank fully into the blanket.

I was lost in my thoughts and not even thinking clearly when Devon came to stand in front of me... his eyes blazing into mine. I could see him clearly enough in the light of the fire as well as the lantern he had sat upon the mantle that I knew he was angry and my heart skipped a beat.

"What the fuck were you doing back there at the party?" he asked me and folded his arms across his chest. "What?" I asked, not fully alert to his anger... how or why. "You heard me... you thought I'd forget it when all this happened... but how could I?" he fumed. "Devon... I have no idea what you're on about... if you want me to answer your questions, you'll have to turn down your temper and make yourself clear." I said. "Fuck THAT!" he yelled and I sat up on the sofa... angry myself now.

"You can either calm down... or I go to another room..." I said and felt my breath coming fast. My blanket had slipped off my shoulders as I had stood and I was standing directly in front of him. "You really like Ian, don't you?" he smirked and I felt the blood rush to my face and color it. "I do..." I answered simply and he nodded. "Let him get into your pants tonight, Peyton?" he taunted me and I blinked. "What?" I asked. "Oh... you don't think I've seen how you two carry on... please!" he spat. "Carry ON!?" I shouted back. "Yes... carry ON!" he shouted back. "I saw and I've seen everything, Peyton... from how he looks at you to how you let him put his damned hands all over you. I know you've been on dates... at least four... and his hands were all over you at the fucking party tonight!" he shouted.

His eyes blazed into mine as he yelled and my heart was pounding out of my chest. What right did he have, of all people, to shout at me about Ian? What had I been doing for the last three weeks but putting HIM, Devon... out of my innermost thoughts? and Ian had been there... as a friend... and a bit more... to help me... without me ever having to open my mouth to him about Devon... he had NO right to do this to me and I felt myself begin to shake with an uncontrollable rage that had simmered since the day I had met him and had him dance with me.

"I saw you, Peyton... I saw what was going on between you two tonight and if I hadn't MADE you leave with me... you would still be in bed fucking Ian senseless with that hot body of yours!", he shouted. "Kiss my ass, Devon! Kiss it!" I yelled and spun from him. He caught my arm and pulled it back... hard and I turned to face him again. "Just who in HELL do you think you are, anyway?" I shouted. Now I was on a rampage and I couldn't stop myself. What did he want of me? And why did I fight it so bad?

"Britney was with YOU, Devon... not ME. I came with Ian to that party and I let him leave without me just to soothe your ruffled feathers and hurt feelings... why did you let my sister go off with someone else, Devon...?", I asked and he flinched as if slapped. "Your sister wanted to be with someone else, Peyton! She gave me a choice... commit to her or tonight was it and I don't deal well with being pushed around... especially by spoiled bitches like her!" he said. "So she wasn't a spoiled bitch for six months while you were getting all you could off her... but now she's suddenly spoiled... is that how you treat them ALL, Devon?", I shouted back. "I haven't gotten 'any' off her in over three weeks, Peyton... just ask her... she'll tell you… she's driven my crazy... I just wanted an excuse to get out of it...!' he said. "No thanks, Parker. I'd rather not know your sexual escapades... really... so why didn't you just 'get out of it' then… why did you let it drag on for over three weeks longer and let her think you wanted her?", I asked.

His chest rose and fell with each breath... much the same as mine... and then his hand grabbed my own and he gripped it tightly. "I wanted you... I wanted every chance to be with you... and if I broke it with her... that meant never seeing you again... and even if it was wrong... I'm sorry... I couldn't help it." he said and his voice dropped an octave as his eyes looked into mine. I had no words... damned if it seemed that every time the subject came to Devon I could have no words. But I dug down... and I tried.

"Devon... you let me think that kiss was nothing to you... you had me wondering at your every move with me... if something was wrong with me... if I was feeling something for you that would never be returned to me... I've fought like hell for three good weeks to get you out of my mind... and tonight... for the first time since we went to the water park... you were there again... and I fought it harder. But the dance... and your body language... and Devon, I knew what Britney was planning... and I felt guilty as hell..." I said and he put his arms around my waist then. "Guilty? You? Why?" he asked me and I couldn't look up at him. "Guilty because I had feelings for you I couldn't drop and because you belonged to my sister... but I wanted so badly in my deepest heart to have her do exactly what she did to you... because then you'd be free... only I never expected you to feel the same about me... I really thought you were just being super nice is all... so I pulled my feelings back... and I went out with Ian... and I had a good time..." I said. He had pulled me close against him now and I looked up into his eyes. "You and Ian... did you?" he asked and I frowned... what did he mean? The question could have so many sides and I wanted to answer correctly.

"Peyton... baby... did you and Ian has sex?" he asked me. I felt myself blush all over from that question and I suppose he knew it. "Tell me... please!" he said. "What difference would it make to you, Devon... and better still... would you believe me?" I asked him. "I just need to know... and I'll believe whatever you tell me.", he said softly. "No... I didn't... we talked about it but no, it just wasn't right... I care for him... have fun with him but no, we didn't", I said. "Then why in hell did you let him have his hands down your jeans and up your sweater tonight?" he started to frown once more and I felt myself bristle too... he was causing too many emotions to fly within me and I didn't know how to deal with any of them. "I wanted it... that's why!" I said and he pulled my hands over my head and backed me toward the sofa once more. "You WANTED it... really?" he asked and I could see naked desire reflected in his eyes.

LEMON…For the Rest Of the Chapter -

He pushed me down onto that old sofa that had probably known many lovers way before us... and I was soon trapped under him as his hands lifted up my sweater. "Black... ah... I knew it..." he said as his fingers traced over the silken material of the bra. My nipples tingled already... dear God... and he wasn't even started yet. His hands stroked over the material and then back down my tummy... and I heard him grunt and felt him slide himself against my spread legs. We were fully clothed... but I felt everything he had... and I could already swear that I was very wet even through my jeans.

"Devon... NO... not like this!" I moaned and tried to move away from him. Not with all his anger surrounding me... no misunderstandings... it couldn't be done this way or we would both regret it... somehow I knew. He seemed beyond understanding or hearing me. His mouth was already sliding along the soft flesh of my upper breasts and I felt a warm tongue slide into my cleavage. I arched up off the sofa, unable to control my body... and what it wanted... craved. "Devon... please!" I had to try once more... I only had one more left in me. I could feel his hips grinding into me... pushing himself up and into me as if we were already deeply into sex... but we were not naked... only his moans were growing louder and louder... and I wanted it to stop... not like this!

"DEVON!!!" I yelled out into the cabin and he shot up off me as quickly as he had come to me. "What?" he asked, his eyes wide looking around the cabin. "Please... don't..." I said and pulled my legs to me. He hopped up off the sofa and went back to the fireplace... his hands thrust into his jean pockets once more... and I knew he had misunderstood me... but how did I tell him what I had to tell him... that I was a virgin... and I wanted it to be slow and special... only my body craved hard and fast.

I walked up behind him and pulled my arms around his waist... laying my head against his back. My fingers stroked him thru the softness of his shirt and I let my hands wander up under the hem until my fingers were in contact with his soft skin. I could feel the trail of hair that ran down the middle of his tummy and I let my fingers rub up and down it... feeling his tummy contract with each stroke.

"Oh... Peyton, baby... what do you want from me?" he groaned as he turned to me and took me in his arms in the light of the fire. "I... need you to go slow, Devon... for my sake, ok? Do you understand?" I asked him. "You've not made love, is that it Peyton?' he asked and I nodded and hid my face against his chest."No... No... Don't do that... don't be ashamed... it's only what I needed to know... and you were right to tell me..." he said. "I just... I want it to be real... and special... I've never..." I said and he smiled down at me as his lips lowered to meet mine. The kiss... oh.... what can I say about that kiss? If I live to be an ancient old woman, I'll never forget the first 'real' kiss he gave me. My lips had never been blessed that way... my senses never awakened... my deep sexual feelings never brought forward... not until he kissed me that night in that abandoned cabin.

He started out slowly... his hands on either side of my face... and not once did those hands leave me face. He kissed me simply at first... slow and easy... and then he let his tongue poke against my lips until with a sigh, I opened my mouth to him. His tongue... Oh dear God! It shyly entered my mouth and slid across the roof of it... then down to caress my own inexperienced tongue. I let my own tongue rise up to slide with his... and was rewarded with a moan from him. Then his tongue was back to my lips... tracing upper then lower lips and firmly kissing me once more.

He held me there... looking into my eyes... for a long moment in time... and he asked me one simple question. "Are you sure?"

I gripped his waist... digging my fingers in... and nodded at him. "No, Peyton... you have to say the words, baby... tell me..." he said."But... I can't..." I whispered. "You have to... or WE can't... it's what I need to hear, ok?" he asked me as his thumbs caressed my cheeks. "Oh, Devon... can't you just TELL... can't you SEE? Why do you have to make me SAY it?" I said. "It needs to be said... YOU need to hear it from your own mouth to your own ears... say it, sweetheart... just say: 'Devon, I want to make love with you... I want you to be my first... I'm sure..." he said.

I'm not even sure how I did it. But I did... and I looked up into his eyes so he would know... so I could be really sure... and I said it. "Devon, I want you to be my first... I want to make love with you... I'm surer of this than anything I've ever been sure of... and I want you so badly it hurts." I said. I didn't realize until I had finished that I must've cried... for he was wiping tears from my cheeks and kissing where the tears had fell.

He held my hand and walked with me to the sofa... reaching down to grab the blanket that had fallen from my shoulders... and picking up the other one that had covered him. We walked into the bedroom and he turned and smiled at me as he looked at the bed I had tidied. "You somehow knew, didn't you?" he asked me softly and drew me to him once more... to hold and kiss me softly. I thought he was headed toward the bed... but he was going to the closet... pulling out more blankets and quilts and piling them into his arms. He nodded at the bed and told me to grab the pillows and I did... and followed him back in front of the fire.

"Special..." he murmured and spread at least six blankets onto the floor directly in front of the fire. These he covered with two thick quilts and then took the pillows from my arms and threw them down there too. "You look beautiful in this light, Peyton... I want it to be here... your first time... with me..." he said. "Ok..." I answered back softly and he smiled.

"Don't be nervous or afraid... and don't look back on this with anything but pleasure." he said. "If I could make you believe that I love you right now... I'd do it, but I know you, I think... and you'd say I was trying to make it more precious than it is... that I was trying to paint you a prettier picture for you to keep with you always... but Peyton... I DO love you... somehow... someway it's there... and I know you love me too... and right now that's enough for the both of us... so let me show you how I can love you... and you show me how you want to love me...", he said and he started to unbutton my sweater... slowly undressing me in front of the fire... taking me inch by inch into my womanhood... I'd never be a girl again...

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