To whom it may concern:
I regret to say I've stopped to care.
Time is a little stilted as everyone waits,
Expecting me to give it up,
But I simply must apologize;
My tracks have deviated from reality.

To who may be concerned:
Undoubtedly you wonder why.
It always seemed you hated me
And I reciprocated every time.
I understand your paranoia;
I admit that I surprised me too.

To he who is not concerned:
I cannot give an explanation
As to why I was late for this appointment.
It was not for a good reason.
I waited a few extra minutes
When it seemed a man had lost his way.

To whom it does not matter:
I might explain my little story.
A man who did me many wrongs
Was fumbling through the dark,
And as I was about to leave,
I offered him a helping hand.

To whomever does not understand:
I have no brilliant rational.
I apologize for bending your clock
As it brought me no stunning friendship.
I helped a man who hated me,
And my actions were too small.