I don't know if you remember me

But I am your only sister

Lost in a world full of lies and broken promises

And within those broken promises

Are sad excuses

From you and everyone else

Do your remember that time when I was younger

And you told me

That you would always be there

Or the time you said you were through with her

And not gonna go back with her, you promised me

Or those times when you told dad to meet you

So you could come and visit

You were never there for me

Why'd you lie


You went strait back to her when she called

And broke another promise to me

As usual

Then you never showed up

Setting us up again

And telling us really sad excuses for why you weren't there

Do you remember you little sister now?

I remember you

I remember ever like and broken promise you ever said

And with every broken promise came a sad excuse with it

I remember everything

How about you big sis?