In the shadows

Inside her everything is different

She's screaming




And loving

She's feeling unwanted and rejected

She's in the corner of her room

Terrified of that the things in her mind will get out

She looks into the shadows of her mind

And she is disappointed with her life

So the tears begin to fall again

And she sits there thinking

Of every reason she can

To answer her question:

When is it my turn?

My turn for love

My turn to be needed

My turn to be cared about

My turn for help

Every day she goes on

Helping people to be loved,


To be cared about and helped in every way possible

Yet each day no one is there to help her

So she believes that it's all her fault

And every tears that she had ever cried

Had been only her fault

Cause she is brought down each day

By everyone she cares about

And by everyone she doesn't

So nothing is anyone's fault any more

Other that her own

Her sister is mean

Her brothers hate her

Her parent's things she's stupid and weird

And her friends thing she's hiding something

And all of this is her fault

Nothing can be blamed on anyone else

For she is the one who messed up

So every night

She cries herself to sleep

Wondering why the Lord had created her

Because she doesn't deserve life

Because she is unworthy and useless

Later she hates her self more for thinking these thoughts

As she sleeps;

She has nightmares of her past

During the day;

She wonders her questions again

Her main daily question is:

When is it my turn to be loved?

Cause' no one has ever loved her

Everyone around her is being loved

Everyone but her

So she tries to act as normal as possible

Even though she's about to cry of self pity

On goes her day of pretending

Until the darkness falls

When she looks into the dark shadows again