Chapter One

Here's to the Nights We Felt Alive

It all started on July 4th, one of those nights where you weren't expecting anything good. Of course something good did happen, otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here trying to get your attention. Somehow I'd managed to find a way around a family celebration and into one of those hot invite only parties. The added bonus was that my family had vacated our house hours before I left, making it easy to slip out in my current attire. I was dressed in a short black dress with a low cut back, showing off my sweetly pale skin. The only part of my body that I was very happy with was my back, backs are beautiful and elegant on most people.

Around my neck was a set of real pearls, the only real set that I owned. I'd snapped two strands together, making it appear as if I were wearing a choker and long necklace. The whole thing was held together with a pair of black Chinese Laundry spiked heels. I looked fierce to say the least and felt as if I could conquer the world. Or more importantly, Jake, the one boy who I wished I could get, but doubted it. Just to warn you, my story will never end with Jake and I falling in love, I can guarantee that.

The party was in full swing when I arrived an hour after it had been designated to start. I was pretty sure that if I arrived late I could survey who was there. This way I could make a quicker and more accurate decision of whether or not I should stay. I took in the whole scene, deciding pretty quickly to grab a wine glass and chat with a friendly face, Sammi. Sammi and I had been friends since we were in seventh grade. It was one of those situations where the two new rich girls gravitated towards each other and braved their new school environment together. If it wasn't for Sammi I probably would've died, well not died, but you understand what I mean. Things were hard for me at first at Delaney High School. But now that I was a senior and I'd made friends, things were a lot easier. And I'd gained some self confidence. I was no longer afraid to be alone, I could go to a party without knowing anyone and end up making a new friend. If I had to pinpoint the day when I changed it was the day that I realized pursuing a boy was a waste of my time. Why not just let boys come to you? Which is why I've never pursued Jake, it would get nowhere.

"Rain! You made it, I'm glad to see you!" Sammi threw her arms around me and gave me a quick squeeze. I wasn't sure if Sammi was truly happy to see me or if she was just piss drunk. Sammi had a tendency to go overboard when there was alcohol around. And before you ask, yes my name is rain. Don't even ask how I was named that, you don't want to know.

"Sammi, babe, you look awesome. I love the dress, do a little turn for me." As always, Sammi looked great in a dress few people could pull off. It was low cut short neon green halter dress, matched with black fishnets and bright red pumps. Sure if might sound bizarre, but she made it look great.

"Have you seen Jake tonight? He looks awful, I swear he was drunk before he got here. Earlier he was trying to molest Candia. It was horrible, her boyfriend almost beat him to death." I had not indeed seen Jake, but the minute she mentioned him he stumbled into my line of vision. And practically stumbled into Candia again, who squealed. On a normal day I would've tried to impress him by playing nurse and taking him back to my place. But today I wasn't in the mood to try to impress him, fully aware that he wouldn't even remember it in the morning. As if on cue, Jake appeared on my side and in a failed attempt to look sexy, licked my shoulder.

"Jake, how about you do me a favor and find a toad to lick." Sammi cackled on cue as if this happened all the time, which it did. Except it usually wasn't Jake licking my pale shoulder. Usually it was the suspects always drunk on arrival, Stephen the quarterback, Steve the stuck up jerk, Jeff the emotional train wreck and many others. But never Jake, he usually walked over to us near the end of the party complaining about how he couldn't go home drunk. I would then sneak him into my place and take care of him and feeding him Advil the following day. My parents never seemed to think anything of the fact that a boy who I wasn't dating was consistently spending Sunday sleeping in my room. Maybe it was because they hardly noticed anything, but that's another matter.

"Rain I never realized how wet you are. Get it, you are rain. I never realized how pretty you are falling from the sky." Jake continued on making idiotic jokes about my name, even after I'd left to spill out my glass of wine and casual pour water in.

It took me a while to find a bush to spill my wine into, taking one sip before doing so. I cringed as it went down, I never was one for alcohol. My new heels sunk gently in the grass as I got back up and started back towards the party. Before I could reach the fake marble dance floor that had been set up a few feet from the coastline, someone grabbed my elbow. I turned to see Garrett, a boy who usually flew under my radar, the only time I noticed him was in English class last year. He sat next to me, but we hardly ever talked. I'd always assumed that he didn't like me much and that was why he never made much of an effort to get to know me.

"Rain, I've been looking for you because I've been meaning to talk to you." Even in the dark his light brown eyes shown with determination. I couldn't help but wonder why he had wanted to talk to me of all people.

"And why is that?" I quickly looked around to see if there were weird kids hanging around watching us. Maybe this was some weird joke, if it was I wasn't in the mood.

"I missed you after English ended and I really want to dance with you."

"Just out of curious, is this some weird joke?" Nervously, Garrett laughed and took my hand.

"Come on, let's dance." Since I really didn't have anything better to do I took his advances and let him pull me onto the fake marble. As soon as our feet settled on the dance floor Garrett had wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. Our bodies swayed together to a random overplayed hit song. I could feel the warmth of his hands on my waist burning through the flimsy fabric of my dress. For some strange reason as we shimmied and writhed together I forgot all about Jake. At that moment the only face I saw was Garrett's and it continued to be that up until the moment we bumped too close and kissed. It started out as an accidental kiss, someone had elbowed me in the back and our lips collided. But Garrett didn't waste the opportunity to turn it into a heated and sloppy kiss. Not sloppy in a disgusting manner either, in a "I really want you right now" manner.

"Garrett, want to come back to my place?" When I uttered those magic words Garrett disconnected from my body and dragged me out of the party. For some reason I didn't even stop to think about what I was implying with that loaded statement.

We reached my five minute away house in under two because of the fast pace we were keeping. Somehow I had managed to run in my heels, which I knew I'd end up regretting the minute I took them off. I fumbled with my keys and threw the door open so hard that it banged against the wall behind it. Garrett kicked it closed equally as hard and locked it so quick I hardly noticed as I threw off my heels. Sure enough my feet felt strange and contorted but when Garrett grabbed me and we locked lips I hardly noticed.

Instead of making it up to my bedroom like normal people we collapsed in an entangled mass of limbs on the hard wood floor. It wasn't the pretty scene I'd imagined because my tailbone ached after I fell, but again I forgot in mere seconds. Something about a guy grabbing every part of your body he could made you forget about pain. Our make out session only stopped when Garrett attempted to pull of my dress. As if someone had slapped me in the face, I suddenly came to the realization. There was no way in hell that my first time was going to be on the hard wood floor of our summer house. I pushed Garrett away gently and got up on my elbows.

"Babe, I really don't think we need to do that. Come on, I'm tired you're welcome to sleep with me. Fully clothed mind you, in my bed and I mean only cuddling. Don't try to trick me, you got that?"

"Sure, sounds like a plan." Most girls would have changed their mind the instant they saw the cry baby look on his face, but I ignored it. I'd waited this long, why just loose it to a guy I hardly know?

"You sure you're okay with this?" After changing into a pair of pajama pants and a loose shirt I took a second to address Garrett. He'd take off his button down shirt and thrown it on my chair. Only leaving his baggy jeans and white undershirt for me to look at, which I didn't mind at all.

"Yes, good night Rain."

"Good night Garrett." I didn't sleep at first; I kept my eyes wide open as Garrett loosely wrapped his arms around me and snuggled against my curvy frame. Something about this moment needed to be enjoyed and I knew that very well. My eyes drifted to the windows, through which I could see fire works going off on the other side of the lake and a dim moon overpowered by the fire works. It was one of the few times where I couldn't help but smile at how a boring night had turned into a completely exciting one. My pink lips curved into a huge smile before relaxing as I closed my eyes and gently fell asleep.


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