Chapter Two

Here's to the moments we hope will never end

"Rain….Rain…Rain…RAIN!" When my eyes flied open I was met by the eyes of Garrett. I wasn't quite sure where I was, but I was pretty sure I had fallen asleep in my own house. Held out for me was my phone, which was ringing the familiar tune "Float On" by Modest Mouse. I took the light blue Nokia in my hand and answered it, Sammi's voice meeting my ears before I could even say hello.

"Where are you, I thought you were coming over!" After last night's events I had completely forgotten about my plan to come over to Sammi's lakeshore property.

"I can't make it, how about tomorrow at noon instead?"

"Why? Did you take someone home? OH Rain, you did not!"

"I didn't, I just invited Garrett home. Don't make assumptions little girl." We both erupted into giggles, which only made Garrett look at me sideways. Somehow he'd ended up with a glass of orange juice and was now sipping it. I snatched the juice from his grasp before ending my conversation with Sammi and promising to share all the details tomorrow.

"Where'd this juice come from?" I handed the glass back with a considerately less amount filling it.

"That kitchen, no one's home and I know that because I heard them leave a few hours ago." I wasn't surprised in the least bit that we were home alone, I was just surprised that Garrett would have been exploring the house.

"I see. Did you get a good look around?"

"It's a nice house, I really only was looking for some food. I grabbed a box of pop tarts and some orange juice. You really didn't need to drink mine, there's a glass for you to." Sitting on my bed side table was a glass tumbler full of orange juice. I drank the whole thing in a minute, mixing it with a brown sugar pop tart.

"Glad you like my house. We should go by your place so you can get dressed and maybe get lunch and do a bit of shopping?"

"I think I'd like that." Garrett grabbed the dishes and left my room, singing something softly under his breath. I recognized the words, he was singing "Set yourself on fire" by the Stars. As I made my way to the closet I slid the CD into my stereo and set the controls so that it played throughout the house. I could hear Garrett sing along a little louder down in the kitchen, which caused me to sing along too, loud and probably out of key. My closet was sloppily filled with clothes, some had ended up on the hardwood floor and were a bit crumpled. From the cave of clothes I grabbed a Juicy Couture sweat jacket, a random Hollister long sleeved shirt, paired with a long tank top, Vigoss jeans and a pair of pointy heeled boots. After brushing my teeth, I pulled on a few necklaces to complete the outfit and grabbed my Louis Vuitton bowling bag.

"You look nice." Garrett had watched me practically tip over myself on my way down the stairs and into the kitchen. He'd been patiently waiting for me by the breakfast bar, playing with a stuffed panda I'd left out on a stool.

"Thanks babe, since my parents are gone we can take whichever car we want. You can choose." I led Garrett to the garage where a Black BMW SUV and a silver Mercedes Convertible were parked. And those were only the start of our car collection. My car wasn't even with us, it was still parked at home nice and newly washed in the garage.

"The BMW, wouldn't want your hair to get messed up in the convertible."

"Don't worry about that, but I prefer the BMW too." I laughed to myself about Garrett thinking I was worried about my hair. That was the least of my worries when I was driving. From a set of hooks nailed into the wall I grabbed the car keys and clicked the car open. It honked and flashed the lights to tell me it was indeed unlocked before I climbed into the drivers seat.

"This cars almost as hot as you, Rain." I playfully socked Garrett in the shoulder before pulling out of the garage and turning onto the main road.

It took ten minutes to get to Garrett's lake house which was about the same size as my own, but had magnificent bright red trim. The contrast between the trim and the dark wood gave the house an artsy feel, matching with the bright yellow Lamborghini parked outside. A young woman, who looked like she could be Garrett's sister was washing the car, stopping only momentarily to wave at Garrett.

"That's my step mom, she's only like 30." I wasn't surprised that it was his step mother, especially because of the fact she was dressed in spiked heels and a bubble gum pink Tommy Hilfiger swimsuit.

"She's a hottie." Garrett gave me a weird look before waving back to his step mom and showing me into the house. A man, I assumed was his father was chattering away on the phone while eating a banana, typing on a blackberry and reading the Wall Street Journal. How he was doing so much at once I couldn't figure out, though it seemed he was somehow managing it all.

"That's my Dad." Garrett's father momentarily turned around to greet the two of us, taking a second to look me over. I was creeped out when his father winked at me, but then Garrett whispered to me not to worry, that was his way of showing Garrett his approval.

"He seems nice." I followed Garrett up to his room, which was made up of three small rooms connected together. There was a bathroom, the room where his actual bed was and a room with a large flat screen TV tacked up next to a huge Bose stereo system. Garrett switched the TV on and flicked it over to MTV, throwing the remote at me before he made his way through the piles of CDs and magazines on the floor to his room. I watched him disappear behind a pine wood door that was covered in concert posters, an old skateboard deck and other random scraps. It was strange to think that I was in Garrett's house, I never would've thought in a million years that my going to last night's party would take me here. Good thing that I never ended up with Jake, if I had I'd never been able to see what I think of Garrett. Jake was a waste of my time anyway, he was just a drunken baboon and I'd been denying it for too long.

"I'm ready." Apparently I'd zoned out for longer that I'd been aware because Garrett was standing over me expectantly. He was dressed in a Spitfire sweatshirt, Volcom jeans and Adio sneakers, very skater chic, the way I liked my guys. I was more than sick of boys in seven jeans, tight lacoste polos and over active egos. No thanks.

"Good." I smiled up at Garrett who took my hand and led me out of his room and back to my car. His bimbo of a step mother was done washing the car and was now getting into it with Garrett's father. This time she looked like she was dressed for a classy night out, unlike her outfit before. They both gave waves, Garrett's father's only half hearted. I could tell that Garrett and his father got along, but they weren't terribly fond of each other. After Garrett's parents had pulled out I followed suit and pulled the BMW back onto the main road, having to wait for a few flashy cars to drive by before doing so.

"Hey Rain?"


"I really like you and I just wanted to share that." I giggled and took Garrett's hand in my free one.

"I think I feel the same way." Now I could plainly see why it was a good think that Jake and I had never worked out. There was no time for romance with Jake, it was just a race to figure out where he could get the next beer. Garrett's thumb gently rubbed my hand as I steered us through the densely wooded area and out to the actual city. Our destination was somewhere I usually was excited to get to, but part of me was hoping the romantic silence of the car ride wouldn't end.

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