Just something to think about

Written by: Felicia Spencer

An: This poem was written for a forum discussion that I was on. Needless to say there were some people picking on a person there, because they felt like she was talking about herself too much. I don't care how self absorbed you think a person is, but I think it's just wrong to isolate that person and harass them because you don't like what they're saying. No one was forcing them to read her forum, and if they want to place the blame on someone, then they should blame themselves. I mean it was really sad to witness this type of harassment over something that could've been well avoided. Anyway I hope that you guys and gals enjoy this. Let me know your opinions on whether I was wrong or right to post this. I know that I will be next to be ribbed because I chose to write this. But you know what…I don't care. I don't care. I don't care.

Have you ever been picked on

And treated so bad

They make you feel like you're nothing

Leaving you broken down and sad

Do you even realize

The things that resides within

The world can be a lonely place

When you don't have any friends

Yet they constantly nip and pry

Just to make you hurt

And yet they don't seem to like you

Which is why they treat you like dirt

Step back and take a look

Their shoes aren't on your feet

Tell me do you behave this way

With every single person you meet

Ask yourself how would you feel

To be treated just as bad

Now if you lie right to my face

Then that would just be sad

Just think about what you're doing

Right before you play your part

Ask yourself this very question

Is it worth it, breaking their hearts

This is just something to think about.